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What are Helicopter Jet Transfers?

When traveling from one location to another, the best way to go about it is by booking a helicopter transfer or jet charter service. Helicopter jet transfers are the most luxurious ways to get to your intended destination. Whether you are heading out to a ski resort on a weekend getaway or you want to relax on a two week vacation, booking a helicopter jet transfer will allow you to travel in style.

Going through airport security is a hassle that you no longer need to be bothered with. You can go straight to your chartered helicopter or private jet without have to wait in long lines or take your shoes off. You may travel solo, with business associates, friends, or family. You will not be annoyed by strangers like on an airliner. Privacy, security, efficiency, luxury, and style will all be provided for you. If you are looking to travel overseas, that may be arranged with a simple phone call. You can go on helicopter sightseeing tours or even be dropped off directly at your hotel destination!

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Access to both Helicopters and Private Jets

Helicopter Jet TransfersHelicopter Jet Transfers

There are numerous types of aircrafts that are used in private transportation today. Helicopter taxis can typically seat anywhere from 4 to 8 people. The Eurocopter AS350 ‘Squirrel’ is manufactured by Airbus and can carry five or six people. It’s a great aircraft for short hops. For longer air travel, the Eurocopter EC155 ‘Dauphin’ is a great option. It can seat up to seven passengers and is capable of a taking on a larger luggage load. Larger helicopter may be reserved for parties consisting of more than eight people.

Similarly, jet charters have just as many (if not more) options for aircrafts. For CEO’s and business executives, using a helicopter transfer to go from your workplace to the airport is an efficient method of travel. You can board your private charter from there. Lear is one of the most popular manufacturers for charter jets. It’s spacious cabin is perfect for VIP’s to travel in style.

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Airport to Airport Transfer Services

Whenever you need to travel safely and efficiently, booking a helicopter jet transfer will save you a lot of time. You will not have to be bothered by traffic or risk being caught up in rush hour. Helicopter taxis can come pick you up from your helipad at work and deliver you to your destination and/or airport location. If you are going to the airport, you can easily transfer onto your charter jet with no hassles.

Reserving a helicopter transfer or charter jet is the best way to travel over short to medium distances. IF you are looking to impress potential investors or fellow business associates, you can easily arrange to have them picked up in a helicopter. This will allow them to travel in comfort and VIP style, which will certainly keep them in a good mood throughout any business negotiations.

Helicopter jet transfers are not just for business. If you are looking to getaway from your hectic schedule for the weekend, you can hop aboard a helicopter taxi and be at your desired location in no time! Whether you are traveling to a ski resort, tropical island getaway, or spa retreat, your helicopter pilot will ensure that you arrive refreshed and feeling good about life.

For long distance or overseas trips, you can reserve a charter jet to take you safely to your vacation destination. Are you planning to go wine tasting in Italy next month or skiing in Switzerland? A private jet is the perfect way to kickstart your next European vacation!

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