Helicopter Charters to

Atlanta Motor Speedway


Helicopter Charters to

Atlanta Motor Speedway


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Fly over traffic on your way to the raceway!

Atlanta Motor Speedway is a 1.5-mile racetrack in Hampton, Georgia that sees its fair share of exciting events throughout the year. With the help of FairLifts, you can make it to the race day event of your choice on time and in the most exciting means possible!

By scheduling your helicopter charter to Atlanta Motor Speedway, you are given an opportunity to see Georgia like you’ve never seen it before as well as make it to the festivities on-time or early, your way. We provide scheduling of one-way, round trip and shuttles to nearby heliports to make your travel easier and comfortable. By partnering with operators all over Georgia, we can offer you more options in terms of aircraft and group exclusives than any of our competitors. Whether you are flying to AMS for a NASCAR Cup Series race or for one of the smaller events the raceway holds throughout the year, we can handle all of the logistical planning while you sit back and relax hundreds of feet in the air while you literally fly over traffic.

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Helicopter Charter to Atlanta Motor Speedway Helicopter Charter to Atlanta Motor Speedway

Atlanta Motor Speedway: Atlanta’s home for racefans!

Atlanta Motor Speedway holds Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series races as well as races for the NASCAR Xfinity Series. The raceway is located just south of Atlanta in Hampton, GA and has been holding races since it’s inauguration since 1960. After being bought by Speedway Motorsports in 1990, the track underwent several changes which culminated in the track being near to completely rebuilt. One major change was the swapping of the front and back stretches, creating a shape much closer to a quad-oval rather than an oval. This project made the track what it is today, one of the fastest tracks on the NASCAR circuit.

With a total seating capacity of 125,000 the raceway sees thousands of fans every year head to the numerous events held there. As the only place in Georgia where NASCAR races are held, you can imagine what a turn out each event sees. From Friday Night Drags in May through September, to concerts, festivals and of course the NASCAR Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500, this track is one to not only see, but experience.

With its popularity and the amount of visitors during the races, it is no wonder that the only efficient way to get to the track on race day is by helicopter charter. Anyone visiting or living in Atlanta can tell you that the traffic here is already a force to be reckoned with. Therefore, FairLifts offers scheduling of your helicopter charter to Atlanta Motor Speedway year round to get you out of the lines and into the track faster and without worry that you will be stuck when the event begins.

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Atlanta Motor Speedway Helicopter Shuttle Atlanta Motor Speedway Helicopter Shuttle

What our helicopter charters to Atlanta Motor Speedway can offer you

The most important benefit of taking a helicopter charter to an AMS event is convenience. No one wants to be stuck in traffic, having to worry about if there will be parking and then waiting to get to the raceway during an event. Along with many other benefits, FairLift’s NASCAR helicopter charters are a quick, comfortable ride above the city for race fans no matter which event they are in town to see. Benefits of these exclusive charters include:

Flying over traffic

Traffic in and around the raceway can get backed up so far that you can spend nearly 3 to 4 hours waiting in line to enter the race way. With a helicopter charter, you can literally fly over traffic and enjoy the view as you make it into Atlanta Motor Speedway in the comfort of a luxury helicopter.

No parking worries

Once inside the raceway, parking is another animal entirely. First, you are hoping there are spots left and even after all of that, your chances of getting a spot that requires little to no long walking to get to the gates is slim. With a helicopter charter, there is no need to worry about parking. Helicopter pilots will fly you in and back out!

Get there on time and don’t miss a thing

From exclusive pit events, to race starts and of course the award celebration at the end of the race, there is so much to see and miss if you have to worry about the traffic in and out of the track. We can offer convenient travel from local airports, heliports and some hotels with our helicopter transfers that can take you from the place you are staying or arriving directly to the race! Get there when you want and leave when you want.

Group Pricing

One of the best things about chartering a helicopter is the ability to schedule a group of people to go with you! Not only does this bring down the cost, but you are giving your friends the same benefits you will be partaking in, like getting to the race early, leaving late, and skipping out on all of the traffic!

Charter times your way

Whether you are in need of a direct one-way flight, pick-up after the race or if you are needing a round-trip shuttle, travel times can be scheduled specifically for your needs. No more having to leave hours in advance, FairLifts can schedule a pilot and aircraft to pick you up close to home and bring you to the track in less than an hour!

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Atlanta Motor Speedway Helicopter Shuttle Atlanta Motor Speedway Helicopter Shuttle

Atlanta Motor Speedway Race Schedule

You can schedule a helicopter charter to Atlanta Motor Speedway for any of the following events when they are scheduled throughout the year as well as many non-listed events such as concerts, small charity gatherings, air shows and festivals. With the help of FairLifts, you will always have a quick and easy way to make it to your event at AMS in the most luxurious way possible, a helicopter charter!

While scheduling may change each year these are the active scheduled races for Atlanta Motor Speedway:

FairLifts is the only company you should call when you are ready to schedule your helicopter charter to Atlanta Motor Speedway!

With years of experience in making reservations for race fans all over the US, FairLifts agents are well-versed in making dreams come true. Whether you are chartering a flight for yourself or for a large group, we have the right helicopter and operator to take you from any airport or local Atlanta heliport to the event in the comfort you deserve. Relax, you’re going to be travelling like the drivers do when you take your race day ride on a helicopter charter to Atlanta Motor Speedway!

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