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With a sinister nickname like the “Lady in black”, South Carolina’s Darlington Raceway is certain to have a pretty impressive and exciting racing events calendar. The track was built to host NASCAR sponsored races and events and this year is no exception with the BoJangles Southern 500 coming up Labor Day weekend. If you have already purchased your tickets to the race, have you determined how you will get there?

Car pools, shuttle buses and like transportation is iffy at best. Yes, you will arrive to your desired destination, but in what state of mind? Traffic to the raceway on race weekend can be horrendous and public transport or even private shuttles can be overcrowded and negotiating gridlocked roadways can leave anyone frazzled. This is why a helicopter charter to Darlington Raceway is the only way to travel to the race.

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Helicopter Charter to Darlington Raceway Helicopter Charter to Darlington Raceway

About Darlington Raceway

Darlington Raceway, often referred to by several nicknames, including the aforementioned “lady in black" and the "Track Too Tough to Tame" was conceived of in the 1940’s by retired race driver, Harold Brasington. The raceway was opened in 1950 and at the time hosted its first ever Southern 500 race on Labor day.

The asphalt raceway sports a uniquely shaped egg like configuration with opposing ends somewhat discombobulated. The polarized shape is the result of a minnow pond that could not be relocated at one end. The venue currently seats 58,000 spectators and the track hosts a number of NASCAR sponsored races and events annually. In the past races like Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Rebel 400 were run at Darlington but changes to the schedule have seen some races transition to other raceways.

In keeping with the Labor Day weekend racing tradition, this year the track is hosting two events, the NASCAR Xfinity Series VFW 200 and the NASCAR's Cup Series’ Bojangles Southern 500.

For those interested in learning more about Darlington Raceway, you can visit The Darlington Raceway Stock Car Museum. Formerly named the Joe Weatherly Stock Car Museum after late stock car champion Joe Weatherly who initially conceived of the idea for it, is an automotive themed treasury that displays the history of Darlington Raceway and the sport of stock car racing.

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Darlington Raceway Helicopter Shuttle Darlington Raceway Helicopter Shuttle

The pros regarding helicopter charters definitely outweigh the cons

The benefits of a helicopter charter to Darlington for NASCAR events and various other activities far outweigh the negatives one might encounter throughout the process. Helicopter charters are the fastest means of transport to the raceway and they are additionally the most stylish. Arriving to the raceway in a sleek helicopter makes you look like the drivers and team owners whose cars you’re coming to see go head to head.

You can also arrange your travel to meet the needs of your specific circumstances. For example, do you need access to a rooftop or public helport near to your location? We will do our best to locate and arrange travel from the nearest one. Are you flying in commercially for the race? Say to Myrtle Beach International perhaps? We can coordinate helicopter transport to the race as well as the location of your hotel or resort. Live outside the city limits? We can work it out so you get to that raceway via helicopter charter too. These are just a few of the ways helicopter charters serve to benefit you. Read on to learn more.

Avoid Traffic Delays

Don't get stuck for hours in traffic when race fans start to converge on Darlington for upcoming NASCAR sponsored events and series races.

No remote parking hassles

You won't be expected to walk for miles to reach the gates or have to make the miles long return trip back to your car. Meet the helicopter at the designated nearby location, hop on board and fly away following the race.

Come early and stay late

Make it to the race on time or even early with helicopter charters to darlington! Some race day or weekend events start prior to the main event. If you don't want to miss out, then book a helicopter charter so you get there early enough to participate and be in your seat before the fun begins. Afterward, stick around for trophy presentations and more when you arrange to stay late.

Group Pricing: Split the cost

Don't have the money to book a helicopter charter but that's the way you really want to travel? No problem, grab a group of friends or like minded randos and book a charter for your group. If you invite enough people, you’ll be spared the expense of the entire cost yourself and can split it evenly amongst your fellow travelers. Who cares if one of them has crazy eyes. You’re in a helicopter... on your way to a NASCAR race... you can tolerate their stare down for a few minutes!

Pilots can take you there and pick you up

Book charters to satisfy your specific travel need. Whether you prefer one way, transport, before or following the race or want to reserve the helicopter to accommodate your round trip transport, it’s up to you.

The checkered flag waits for no one.
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Darlington Raceway Helicopter Shuttle Darlington Raceway Helicopter Shuttle

Darlington Raceway featured events calendar for Summer/Fall 2020 includes:

FairLifts can arrange helicopter charters and shuttles for your party to attend one or all of the above as well as book travel to a number of other raceways so you can follow the circuit from start to finish. Agents can also help to book hotel accommodation in the general area, and organize ground transport too. All you have to do is call and our agents will take care of the rest.

Accommodation for you and your party to attend one of the featured NASCAR events at Darlington can be arranged near to the raceway at:

Fairfield Inn Myrtle Beach Broadway
3150 Oleander Dr., Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


Hilton Myrtle Beach
10000 Beach Club Drive, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Plus, a number of various other hotels and resorts. Call and one of our race day concierge experts will be happy to help you with accommodations!

Get ready, get set, go! Make your race day reservations today!

Reaching out is convenient and easy. Simply call or complete the easy contact forms and agents will get back to you ASAP. The reservation process is simple and will only require a little bit of your time. Travel concierges will take care of scheduling your helicopter charter to the raceway as well as make additional reservations for supplementary accommodation or travel.

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