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Executive Helicopter Taxis

Helicopter taxis for business are an effective way to travel for short hop travel from meeting to meeting or anywhere you elect to fly for executive pursuits. Not only do the helicopters deliver exclusivity, style and luxury, they additionally make it possible to travel to remote locales as well as land on private airfields or helipads in the busiest centers of industry located throughout the world.

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Executive Helicopter Taxis

  • Locating Ideal Aircraft

    Helicopter taxis FairLifts agents will source an ideal aircraft for you to travel in unless you have a specific model in mind. Different factors will influence their selection, for example, are you requiring point to point (P2P) transport or are you in need of making multiple stops? Where are you traveling to? Are your colleagues traveling with you? Bringing multiple people only serves to improve the ways in which helicopter taxis can serve to benefit your business. The more people you travel with on a single flight, the more the average cost is lowered for each traveler.

  • Fly Efficient and Effective Transport

    Agents are available 24/7 to help in coordinating your business travel. They can make accommodation for ground transport or organize catering to include specific amenities per your direction on your flight. No more wasting time trying to arrange rentals when you arrive, have the entire process organized from one waypoint to the next so you can continue to effectively and efficiently take care of business.

  • Factors That Influence Cost

    Some of the factors we mentioned that go into the aircraft sourcing process are the same few that determine the pricing of helicopter taxis. Generally speaking, the price points of a helicopter taxi rental is based on the amount of time the motor is actually in use and what type and size aircraft you have selected. Additional fees may be incurred if you are to leave the helicopter sitting at an airfield awaiting your arrival or for landing at particular airports or locations, miscellaneous fees and terms and conditions may apply per or at the discretion of the operator facilitating the helicopter taxi. FairLifts agents will be happy to discuss the ins and outs of helicopter taxi price points with you or to deliver a free cost estimate based on your particular chartered flight.

  • Fly Comfortably and Safely

    Ergonomically designed cabins that feature club seating, leather, and plush interiors, large windows offering majestic views and safety modifications to the interior and exterior like state of the art avionics and innovatively engineered airframes complete the package.

  • Arrive, Board, Take Off, and Travel Hassle Free

    No terminal or baggage delays, no security pat downs, simply sit back, relax and fly.

  • Customized Travel Itinerary

    Fly when you want, where you want. Private charters and helicopter taxis can fly into thousands of airports that scheduled air traffic can’t conceive of accessing.

Executive Helicopter Taxi Executive Helicopter Taxi

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