Sport Helicopter

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Sports Activities With a Helicopter!

Reward your hard-working team with a different kind of sports weekend. Add a sport helicopter! FairLifts' affiliates offer heli skiing and helicopter skydives on resorts with executive level amenities.A weekend (or mid-week) getaway can help you regain your focus and center your energy.

Relax and rejuvenateamid luxurious accommodations. Beautifully designed rustic cabins with a modern feel, sumptuous rooms, spas and cool bars are offered on many resorts. Dine on inspired cuisine while enjoying breathtaking natural wonders in a snowy landscape. Get a good night’s sleep in comfy beds.

Whether heli skiing or helicopter skydiving, the next morning starts with a delicious breakfast.At a mandatory overview before take off, your pilot reviews safety regulations and sets your expectations for the flight to the higher elevations.

For heli skiers, after landing at the summit, ski down a beautiful mountain slope. If climbing down from a hovering sport helicopter to freefall from 5,000 feet is more your thing, try helicopter skydiving. FairLifts affiliates are committed to keeping your sport helicopter activities safe and fun.

Have a Heli Skiing Adventure!

Heli skiing involves a helicopter lift to a higher elevation where you touch down at the summit and ski down a massive slope. Smaller groups of four passengers or less, equally matched in ability,  are ideal for this sport. With a smaller group, communicating and assembling are more efficient so you’re up in the air or out on the slopes sooner.

A typical day jumpstarts with a nutritious breakfast. Later, heli skiers gather at the helipad to meet their Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified sport helicopter pilot. The mandatory overview includes details on companion search training and  a review on what to expect during the ride and safety requirements.

Your helicopter ferries you up to  elevations between 3300 and 9500 feet. After a gentle landing,  the pilot helps you out of the helicopter and onto the slope. After an exhilarating downhill ride,  prepare for a welcome  return  to your lodge.

Take a relaxing spa bath or relax in a steamy sauna. FairLifts affiliates partner with luxurious resorts  with cabins, fun nightlife and top tier amenities.

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Helicopter Skydiving is a Thing!

FairLifts can connect you or your group to an affiliate committed to providing a  rush that only helicopter skydiving can deliver. If you’re new to this sport, prepare for an adventure.

You and your group will feel rested after a deep sleep in that fresh,  mountain air. Feel renewed after a hearty breakfast. Mingle with coworkers or network with investors. The day is just getting started.

After the morning briefing with your pilot, enjoy your sport helicopter ride  to between 4500 and 6500 feet altitude. While the sport helicopter hovers in one spot, exit the chopper, climb down and hang onto the helicopter skids. At just the right time--drop. The free fall is short but thrilling!

Most people are familiar with skydiving from a plane rather than from a helicopter. But the experience can be safer and even more exciting jumping from a helicopter. In the rare event of an engine failure, the chopper auto rotates transforming the helicopter into a sort of glider. The chopper then gently drifts towards land, requiring  less landing space than a plane.

Luckily, FairLifts affiliates pride themselves on having the best qualified sport helicopter pilots in the air, clocking hours of flight time. Enroute to the drop zone, feel free to ask your pilot questions about flying or about factors that might affect your flight. The pilots are pretty friendly and generous with their answers.

Celebrate your return to the lodge with a dinner of haute cuisine or a steaming hot bowl of soup. Toast your successful jump with a glass of wine or some green tea, your choice. Later pamper yourself with a soak in a hot tub.

Consider doing something

completely out of your comfort zone.

Invite your team, family or clients to test their personal best skiing on the slopes or jumping from a helicopter. FairLifts offers all your sport helicopter tour package options for heli skiing and helicopter skydiving. There’s nothing more stimulating  than the  fun of team building  in the snow with family, friends and coworkers. Show your appreciation to your best investors and most loyal clients with a sumptuous stay in a deluxe resort.

Feel the rush of helicopter skydiving!

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