Homer Helicopter Lift Services

Homer helicopter lifts are utilized across a number of industries and in various ways throughout the Alaskan communities.

A brief overview of of our

Helicopter Disaster Relief Services

Homer helicopter lift services deliver aerial support across a range of industries and applications. From the removal of wreckage to precision placement operations in the installation of utilities, artwork and signage, heavy lift helicopters are the most accurate and effective means to make these types of jobs possibilities.

The maneuverability and versatility in design helicopters possess allow them to weave in and out of congested cityscapes effectively. The agility of the aircraft affords it the capability to hover over for extended periods of time, making them a beneficial addition in emergency response and search, rescue and retrieval operations.

Helicopters also can effectively spin 360 degrees to make the precision placement of domes, sculptures and smaller utility units simple to deliver accurate representations via aerial photography to real estate developers and those looking to purchase properties. These are just a few of the ways helicopters could potentially benefit the businesses or corporations in and around the Homer area, read on to learn more.

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Homer Helicopter Lifts Serve Alaskan Communities and Their Fishing Industry

The city of Homer is one of those places that you have to see to believe. Its relatively small and sometimes unheard of but is one of the most visually stunning destinations in the world. Surrounded by numerous mountains and located at the tail end of one of the most scenic roadways in the entire universe, its remoteness only adds to its charm. Russian villages are easily accessed from Homer and the waterways that flank the community are full of fishing boats.

The fishing industry is huge in Alaska and this provides an excellent opportunity for local helicopter service providers to deliver loads of aerial support. Whether it's in the distribution of fish or fish byproducts to a number of locations, in the delivery of replacement parts to ships or rigs located offshore or in the emergency retrieval of boat or plane wreckage or injured parties to hospitals, helicopter application serve the industry in many ways.

Homer Helicopter Lift Services

Construction Helicopters

Homer helicopter lift applications utilized throughout the construction and development industry make use of cargo hooks and cables attached to helicopters to efficiently convey large equipment to job sites or to carry replacement parts and components to remote locations or to offshore oil rigs. These heavy-lift helicopters are mainstays in the helicopter industry as they serve a purpose throughout an extensive list of applications and across numerous fields.

Dependable Helicopter Lift Solutions, On-Demand and Ready to Take off for Your Next Project.

We have an assortment of helicopter lift solutions for any major project and through our expansive preferred partner network we can find the right helicopter for the job near you. From executive charters to deliver you and your clients from point A to point B, to construction and emergency helicopter lifts when you need the materials or aid right away. Simply give us a call and we will discuss your budget, provide a free quote and answer any questions you may have about our helicopter solutions. From experienced pilots, to an assortment of helicopters and additional ground crew services, let us know what you need and we will deliver with a level of excellence that you can depend on.

Including Some of the Following:

Homer Helicopter Lift Services

Heavy Lift Helicopters

  • Roof Top Installation
  • Generator Placement
  • Fuel and Water Tank Transport and Installation
  • Steel Erection and Pipe Conveyance
  • Light Pole Installment

Freight & Cargo Delivery

  • Outsized Freight Transport and Delivery
  • Time Critical Delivery of Documents and Freight
  • Wreckage Recovery and Retrieval, Aircraft and Boat
  • Steel Erection and Pipe Conveyance
  • Light Pole Installment

Emergency Helicopter Response

  • Disaster Relief
  • HEMS
  • SAR
  • LEO Assist

Agricultural Services

  • Timber Harvesting and Collection
  • Crop Protection and Treatment
  • Population Inspection
  • Herd Counts
  • Predator tracking

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