Colorado Helicopter Aerial Application for Agriculture

Wet or Dry Fertilizer Spraying, Pest Control, frost Prevention & More


Colorado Helicopter Aerial Application for Agriculture


Wet or Dry Fertilizer Spraying, Pest Control, frost Prevention & More

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Helicopter application for AG-Operations in Colorado

For commercial farming in the United States, aerial applications account for 20% of all applied crop protection and this number increases every year as aerial operations prove their benefit to farmers for cutting down on time, increasing efficiency and assisting in the quality and quantity gains of their products. According to the USDA, 71 million acres of cropland is treated using these methods each year. While only 13% of aerial applications are done using rotorcraft, that number is also growing.

Application rates can be adjusted for spray height, volume, droplet diameter and chemical type, an advantage not typically given with fixed wing aircraft which is why we offer helicopter spraying for those in Colorado. If you are used to using the traditional method of spraying your crops with an airplane, let us explain how you can grow your profits, your quality and product quantity and crops.

Unlike the traditional crop dusting of fixed wing aircraft, helicopters offer the ability to access smaller areas impacted by power lines, wind farming equipment and public areas such as roads. With a helicopter, you are able to have all of your spraying done in a short period of time with no time taken to return to an airport for reloading. Helicopters are typically driven to the field in which work will take place by a specialized platform truck that provides a refueling system as well as offers the ability to prepare chemical mixtures onsite.

FairLifts works with professional and experienced AG-helicopter operators with both growsafe and chemical handler certificates. Specialty aircraft are also used to guarantee you get the best service out of the helicopter application you are requesting. Typically smaller helicopters are used such as the Robinson R44 or Bell 47.

Aerial application in Colorado Aerial application in Colorado

Colorado Farming and Agriculture Provide Plenty of Opportunity for Helicopter Spraying

When most people think of Colorado they think of beautiful mountains and cool temperatures. However, they may be surprised to find that nearly half of Colorado’s 66 million acres are made up of farms and ranches, 36,000 farms to be exact.

Agriculture contributes more than $40 billion dollars to Colorado’s economy, ruled predominantly by livestock, corn, wheat, hay and dairy. But helicopter aerial application in Colorado has been utilized for many different crops including those of potatoes, barley, cantaloupe, lettuce, sweet corn and winter wheat. Aerial agriculture has very few limits when it comes to the benefits it can serve to a variety of crops and we most often see the arrangement of helicopter spraying and frost prevention for the state’s leading fruit crop, apples.

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Helicopter Aerial Application Options in Colorado

FairLifts can offer you the most options for your AG-business than other providers in the state. This includes the most common treatments/helicopter spraying of herbicide, fungicide, pesticide, fertilizer and right of way vegetation control. Dry spreading is offered for cover crop, reclamation seeding, dry fertilizer and the spreading of lime. Wet spreading is available, including hydroseeding as well as the distribution of various slurry mixtures. Other services we can offer you include crop surveys, pollination, frost control and aerial photography.

Take a look at the following services below, although these do not represent all of the services we can offer you, these are the most commonly requested. By utilizing the available variety of aerial application in Colorado, you are choosing a more effective, precise and timely method to treat your crops. Crop loss or quality depreciation are just two of the many outcomes we can prevent by arranging your helicopter spraying service. Additionally, an increase in output as well as quality can affect not only the amount but also the profit you are making off of your yields.

Crop Dusting: Fungicides, Fertilizer, Watering and Seed Spray - Aerial application in Colorado

Crop Dusting: Fungicides, Fertilizer, Etc

The effects of plant disease is widespread and now, can best be prevented with the aerial application of fungicide. Aerial application can not only include the treatment or prevention of crop disease but also for hydroseeding and fertilization. Also known as aerial topdressing the spraying of fertilizer can be done using dry or wet spray as well as a variety of slurry mixtures. Recurrent and single or on-demand services can be scheduled ahead of time or we can send out a response team if you are in need of urgent treatments. In some cases, one spray is not enough, therefore we do recommend speaking with your personal agent about continuing service past the initial flight.

Mosquito and Pest Control - Aerial application in Colorado

Mosquito and Pest Control

While the temperatures in Colorado may not be as welcoming for mosquitos than in the southern states, they and other small pests can still affect your crops. Colonies of ants and other insects can be hard to reach with ground pesticides especially in locations that border public areas. Many government entities put regulations in place to prevent the spreading of pesticides to ground water and through the air in a process known as pesticide or spray drift. FairLifts only works with experienced operators that manage the hazards from these drifts in congruence with local restrictions to prevent property or contamination. Both adulticides and larvicides are used to treat crop infestations from all pest life cycles and can cover more area than that of traditional methods.

Brush and Weed Control - Aerial application in Colorado

Brush and Weed Control

FairLifts can arrange for both brush and weed control on areas that are difficult to reach whether this be for smaller weed outbreaks that lie under the top canopy of crops or for brush lines that encroach from the sides of your crop beds. By utilizing the rotary equipment of the helicopter, herbicides are pushed through the micro-inversion layer to offer better penetration. Ground application is time consuming and often less effective than by aerial application which covers more ground in less time. Prevent crop damage or lessen that of current damage with aerial herbicide spraying.

Frost Prevention and Treatment - Aerial application in Colorado

Frost Prevention and Treatment

Freeze damage accounts for more economic losses than any other weather related hazard in the US. Costs related to the prevention and treatment of frost damage include the frequency of the situation, cost of the treatment and value of your crops. Typically, helicopter prevention methods are done through the night prior to freezing by utilizing downdrafts from the rotors of the helicopter to push warm air down to crops. FairLifts can assist you in arranging preventative operations prior to crop damage to guarantee your crops are not effected and mitigate the risk of crop loss significantly on a recurrent basis or for one instance.

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Aerial application in Colorado Aerial application in Colorado

Modern Solutions for Aerial Application in Colorado

FairLifts works with the most professional and experienced pilots and operators working in the agricultural aviation industry. Each of our agents is well-versed in assisting farmers in producing higher and better quality yields in Colorado and can assist you in your own growth. Simply contact us seven days a week to discuss environmentally and neighborly crop dusting and spraying this next growing season.

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