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Helicopter Rides


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Helicopter Rides - Create Excitement!

You never forget your first ride in a helicopter. That helicopter ride may be the spark that ignites a love of aviation as a hobby or a career. If you’re planning a special event, it could trigger in someone an interest in helicopters moving your event from memorable to life changing. FairLifts affiliates carry a full fleet of the safest and most technologically advanced helicopter models for your special event helicopter needs. A Robinson R-44 helicopter or a sleek Eurocopter AS355N (Twin Star) can add a completely different dynamic to any special occasion.

Helicopters typically offer event attendees between five to thirty minutes of spectacular scenery from 100 to 1500 feet in the air. Hovering over a coastline, the city skyline or a country landscape makes helicopters the ideal aircraft to excite event participants. Consider the power of a helicopter to make a strong impression during your next special event. Whether you are planning a corporate barbecue or delivering Santa to the fair, leasing helicopters for your next event creates an incredible draw and can provide an outstanding return of positive imaging for your investment.

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Events to Remember!

 Helicopter Rides

Event helicopter rides bring a larger-than-life aspect to corporate and other special happenings. FairLifts prides itself on providing the widest network of helicopter leasing affiliates from which to choose. Whether your event is a corporate barbecue or a black tie affair, a helicopter adds that dash of panache that will highlight your company in the most positive way.

The aircraft offer variety in helicopter interiors and seating. Your event attendees will enjoy the amazing time spent in the air in helicopters that can accommodate from one to five passengers, depending on the model. Wide windows bring the outside in, giving the clearest and best views possible.

 Helicopter Rides

Consider a special event helicopter for:

  • Grand Openings

  • Weddings

  • Engagements

  • Birthdays

  • Fundraisers

  • Fairs and Carnivals

Passenger safety and comfort remain the highest of priorities.  All pilots are Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified. The success of all events depend on adhering to FAA regulations including weight stipulations of a maximum of 300 lbs. for individuals or 535 lbs. per group. Pilots will not fly event guests who are impaired by excessive alcohol or drugs.

Fundraise with event helicopter rides
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Which Helicopter for Your Event?

If you decide to include a helicopter in your special event plans, FairLifts can refer you to an affiliate for useful fleet information. Selecting which helicopter to charter will depend on the type of event in the works and the kind of experience you want your guests to enjoy.

If you’re still thinking about why adding a helicopter to your event makes a great choice, consider this helicopters don’t need runways so they allow easy access for lifting off and touching down. Helicopters possess great maneuverability and flexibility, making them a valuable and impressive.

Helicopters are environmentally friendly due to their fuel-efficient designs. Many copters are quiet with no risk of drowning out the party celebrations with aggravating noise. Additional features include air conditioning and heating, top-of-the-line, noise-canceling headsets and huge windows.

For quick five to ten minute helicopter rides, the Robinson series of choppers is ideal for smaller groups. The R-22 has room for one plus a pilot. The R-44, a little roomier than the R-22, can accommodate up to three passengers plus the pilot. If the group going up is a family affair, a Robinson R66 Turbine can comfortably seat a family of four.

Larger groups will enjoy flying in one of the Eurocopter-series helicopters. The Eurocopter Twin Star (AS355N) comfortably seats five people plus the pilot, while the Eurocopter AStar (AS350BA) can handle up to six people and the pilot. This whirlybird also cruises nicely at 100 knots.

For weather considerations, know this - pilots don’t fly in bad weather! All the pilots constantly monitor weather conditions and will advise you well in advance if adverse conditions are prohibiting event helicopter rides.

FairLifts - An Impeccable Brand

Having a great brand can make or break a company, a product or even a special event. For that next corporate function, don’t leave your success to chance. Go with the company known for its outstanding brand FairLifts. Their affiliates can assist with your event helicopter rides. FairLifts affiliates offer top-of-the-line, safe special event helicopters for any occasion. FairLifts event planners are ready to help you select the right helicopter for a successful event.

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