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10 Places to Take a Helicopter Tour in the US

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Helicopter tours are the perfect way to sightsee as much of your destination in as little time as you can! Their fixed rate fees make them beneficial for large groups looking to split expenses between passengers! Helicopters also are equipped with large windows that are perfect for sightseeing and photography opportunities. Here are the most popular helicopter tours in the …

Dodge Chicago Traffic with Helicopter Airport Transfers

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Chicago, Illinois, also known as “The Windy City”, is notoriously known for having dreadful traffic. Airport transfers can be a pain when traveling to, from, or through Chicago. However, the location of this city couldn’t be any better. In the center of everything, short helicopter flights have become a more popular mode of transportation, especially to the airport. A drive …

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Helicopter Airport Transfers to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

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The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort sits regally at the foot of the Teton Range of the Rocky Mountains. Succumbing to the pull of the mountains, vacationers partial to rugged outdoor fun, flock here all year round. But, there’s more to the resort than just skiing. There’s wildlife to see, mountain biking to do, hiking trails to climb and rivers to …

Yellowstone Valley Lodge VIP Helicopter Charters

Yellowstone Valley Lodge VIP Helicopter Airport Shuttle

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The Yellowstone Valley Lodge, located in Livingston, Montana, offers modern accommodations with breathtaking riverside views of the Absaroka Mountain Range. Livingston, which features a wealth of opportunities for outdoor activities, including whitewater rafting, fly fishing, and horseback riding, is the ideal getaway for city dwellers looking to disconnect from the stresses of daily life. A ranch-style hotel located two hours …

Top 10 Remote Vacation Destinations: Around the World in a Helicopter

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When you consider the most beautiful locations situated throughout the world, some of the more popular have a tendency to come to mind. Truth is, there are miles of undiscovered territory all across the globe that are certain to boast some pretty impressive views. These areas will probably remain relatively untouched and therefore unseen by most, simply because they are …

Charter an Executive Helicopter from JFK to Manhattan Seamlessly with FairLifts

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Whether you are simply visiting New York or are a resident, you know how congested traffic can be.  Avoid the stress of traffic when you are in a hurry to get from points A to B. Flying in or out of JFK can be a hassle once you deplane. Don’t get stuck in one of the busiest airports in the …

Hotels with Helipads: Get the Exclusive Resort Access that You Want!

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Hotels with helipads are the epitome of luxury travel accommodation Whether you’re traveling for the purpose of leisure or business, there are a number of hotels and resorts located globally that offer exclusive access to private helipads. Providers can organize helicopter travel that enables you to arrive right outside luxury villas or hotels with helipads at which you have reserved …