Dodge Chicago Traffic with Helicopter Airport Transfers

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Chicago, Illinois, also known as “The Windy City”, is notoriously known for having dreadful traffic. Airport transfers can be a pain when traveling to, from, or through Chicago. However, the location of this city couldn’t be any better. In the center of everything, short helicopter flights have become a more popular mode of transportation, especially to the airport.

A drive from the center of downtown Chicago to O’Hare will take at least 30 minutes without accounting for traffic. Unforeseen delays can lead to stress if you go from being early to rushing to catch your flight. Not to mention the extended lines you could experience at one of the world’s busiest airports.

Helicopter airport transfers offer the ability to not only fly right over traffic but you can also skip the time-consuming security lines. When utilizing FairLifts’ airport transfers, once you arrive at the airport, you are immediately directed to the aircraft and pilot. It is the equivalent to a flying limo, but a lot cooler! No matter what airport you are coming from or going to, FairLifts has an affordable solution for you.

About FairLifts Helicopter Airport Transfers

When flying with us, you will have the ability to relax on the way to or from an airport. Our temperature-controlled cabins are perfect for sightseeing and comfort. Never deal with traffic and airport congestion again. You can expect to be treated like first-class from the moment you contact us.

Our helicopter logistic experts have carefully crafted a network of experienced operators and aircraft. This means that no matter how many people you have in your family or how much luggage you have, we have the means and the ability to accommodate you. Once you contact us with the details, you don’t have anything else to worry about. We handle everything from flight plans to crew coordination, and if you need additional ground transportation upon arrival, we can help with that too!

Helicopter Airport Transfers are the most efficient, way to catch connecting flights at different airports. Don’t stress catching flights ever again. In the right circumstances, we also provide same-day reservations!

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