An Important Day In History for Helicopters and Tacos

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Bethel, Alaska is a small town with only 6,200 residents. Since 1940, the town has experienced little growth, and many of the people who live there do not live in the town year-round.

It is a difficult town to get to; no roadways are going in or out. People who visit Bethel have to either walk, fly or take a boat to get there.

One well-known fact about the town was their love for tacos, particularly Taco Bell as the result of a hoax.

The Taco Bell Hoax

Two residents squandered and had a feud. Their names were not made public. The result was one of the biggest hoaxes the town has endured. Fliers were posted around the entire town announcing a new restaurant opening, a Taco Bell.

The only fast-food joint in the town is one Subway. Residents called the phone number on the fliers asking for potential jobs. Unfortunately, it all turned out to be a hoax, and there was no Taco Bell opening up.

The nearest Taco Bell to Bethel was around 400 miles away in Anchorage, Alaska.

Taco Bell’s Response

News of the incident must have reached Taco Bell headquarters because the company decided to use the hoax in a positive light. Executives decided to make it up to the citizens of Bethel.

The name of this project was christened, “Operation Alaska.” Taco Bell arranged for a helicopter to transport a truck into the town to distribute tacos. A helicopter can deliver cargo to specific locations, one difficult to reach by land such as Bethel, Alaska.

A helicopter can transport heavy cargo, such as an entire truck and necessities for any operations (such as ingredients for over 10,000 tacos).

It was a truck with Doritos Locos written on the side of it. The truck has enough ingredients for a whopping 10,000 Doritos Locos tacos. This amounted to 950 pounds of beef, 500 pounds of sour cream, 300 pounds of tomatoes, 400 pounds of lettuce, and 105 pounds of cheddar cheese.

Background Information

The hoax occurred in June of 2012. The Anchorage Daily News said that it was an “evil hoax.” Taco Bell’s helicopter response came promptly. The tacos were delivered on July 2, 2012.

In the past there have been hoaxes involving the corporation such as one in 1996 that said Taco Bell was purchasing the Liberty Bell and was changing the name to the “Taco Liberty Bell.”

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