Disproving Top 5 Myths About Heli-Skiing

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There are some common beliefs when it comes to heli-skiing. While some may be true, there are a few that FairLifts can help you shed some light on.

1. You have to jump out of the helicopter

Although it is available upon request, we leave the skydiving heli-skiing to James Bond and his followers. The reality of it is, you always touchdown in a tested area. There is even someone to open the door for you.

2. You have to be a highly trained backcountry skier

Even though it is nice when guests are well versed in the safety of heli-skiing, it is not a requirement. We can provide a trained guide to accompany you on the slopes, and everyone is debriefed in the safety precautions before hitting the mountain.

3. It is expensive

Skiing is not one of the cheaper sports to be involved in. From the hotel stay to the travel arrangements, having a personal helicopter lift to the mountain top allows you to get the most out of your trip! Not to mention heli-skiing creates memories you will never forget!

4. It is Dangerous

Some risks are associated with skiing as it is. Allowing for a helicopter fully equipped with top-notch safety and rescue equipment is the perfect investment to ensure that you have the safest skiing trip possible!

5. It can cause avalanches

This myth has already been disproved on Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters. Loud sounds do not cause avalanches. Every day, the snowpack is tested and helicopters are fully prepared for any disaster scenario.

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