Aerial Cinematography to Scale Your Movie Productions

Aerial Cinematography to Scale Your Movie Productions

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The field of cinematography is characterized by its advances, breakthroughs which allow for clearer pictures, steadier cameras, and faster production speeds. The newest advancement in the movie-making business takes the camera from the ground, in favor of aerial superiority. Untether your camera from its restraints on the ground, with the accessibility and the unrivaled freedom, that aerial cinematography services alone can provide. You can provide your ventures with unique, rare angles of any shot that are only accessible through the skies. And with prices that have never been more affordable, the time is now for aerial cinematography.

Not only is a helicopters provided, with the capacity to scale any shot; the cameras mounted to both sides of the aircraft itself are also optimized for sustained flight, at any angle. Gyro-stabilized cameras are manned by qualified, aerial team members so that every shot is captured exactly to your specifications. Put qualified film experts to work, capturing the stunning footage you would expect for prices than you would imagine. Industry experts are also bound by signed non-disclosure agreements, so there’s no worry about the secrets of your film ventures slipping out to the public.

High-quality cameras, at unrivaled perspectives

Cameras originally developed by engineers are now produced specifically for your ventures. Six-axis aerial camera mounts allow you to increase camera flexibility. This way, you can for the first time in cinematic history film high-definition shots at a straight-down angle. With this kind of flexibility, you’re essentially allowing for a range of creativity never before experienced or wielded in the industry itself.

These cameras, and furthermore the helicopters themselves, are well tested and tried. Used to date in the production of over 200 individual movies and pictures, they are well able to adapt to your needs, whatever they may be. Aerial camera systems are not adversely affected in the least by flight; on the contrary, they are built for the conditions, and thrive in delivering world-class camera quality whenever you need it most.

The capacity of a helicopters to access difficult-to-reach areas is also a definitive privilege. Now, you can access locations with a camera that were simply out of the picture. Don’t allow particularly dangerous of challenging impediments getting between you and the footage you know you need to complete a successful day of shooting. With the aerial prowess that a FairLifts provider alone can provide, you’re allowed the exclusive opportunity to capture perfect shot after perfect shot, with little to no time in between.

Even more benefits

Constructed of only the finest in available materials, the cameras and the attachments themselves are easily capable of withstanding the elements. Frequent use of carbon fiber composites, together with honeycomb structures for collective strength and flexibility, allow cameras to achieve virtually any angle, while at the same time wielding unprecedented stability.

Cameras today are more lightweight than ever, meaning that you can now bring several crew members to the skies as well! Allow qualified producers to provide input on the shot while it is being captured, to ensure quality at the moment. Given the fact that aerial cinematography represents a significant undertaking, you’re going to want to ensure that you capture the perfect shot the first time.

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