Aerial Video Production in Houston, TX

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Video Production in Houston

FairLifts facilitates helicopter support to enhance aerial video production for Houston’s thriving film production industry. Get the most experienced operators and pilots to provide an array of services including location scouting and access to cameraships. Aerially facilitated cinematography consists of video production made possible with high definition cameras and advanced high profile camera stabilization systems like Cineflex, GSS, Wescam (Pictorvision) and Spacecam.

Types and Models of Equipment

Local operators use widely recognizable camera systems like the gyro-stabilized Cineflex V14 HD. This system produces high definition aerial footage with the Sony 1500 and Fujinon 42×9.7 lens. Various other types and models of equipment include the Cineflex Premier, featuring the Red Epic Dragon camera and Canon 30-300 lens. The EPIC negotiates lighting naturally, enabling 18 stops of dynamic range with HDRx.

Houston’s Future Film Productions

The state of Texas is lacking in the tax incentives offered by other high profile cities that typically lure Hollywood productions to a location. Instead they have started an initiative that delivers what are commonly referred to as soft incentives in the form of free accommodation, comped amenities, food and shoot locations that they are hoping attract some of the bigger names in Hollywood. Films set in and/or filmed in Houston in recent years include:

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FairLifts arranges night filming, mountain operations for mountain climbing, mountaineering, water skiing, and landscape videography, aerial infrared photography services, aerial panoramic photography services and aerial orthogonal mapping services. Our experts are available 24/7 to provide additional information, planning and pricing for aerial support for the Houston film industry.

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