Aerial Video Production in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Aerial Video Production in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Oklahoma City is the largest city in Oklahoma, and it offers quite a bit, especially in the array of aerial filming. The city is known for its cowboy culture, and this growing city boasts lots of local economies including oil and natural gas. The Great Plain Region the city lies on offers unique filming possibilities. Helicopters can assist with filming, offering a view from above.

FairLifts arranges many aerial helicopter services, including filming. Because of our connections to the latest in filming technology we can bring you the best in helicopter filming.

Filming Technology

In many situations, a helicopter can offer the advantage in filming because of the aerial view it provides. Using a helicopter can prove advantageous in any film project, and FairLifts can help you arrange filming services in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, as well as in the surrounding areas. All of the gear our vendors use is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); this includes some of the latest helicopter technology. We can give you the option of a variety of different camera systems for aerial filming. In addition, real-time videos can be viewed from the ground while being filmed and UHF and VHF communication can be arranged as well as a GPS navigation system for weather and terrain.

Cineflex Camera Systems

FairLifts can set you up with the best camera systems available. One of the trusted name brands our vendors use is Cineflex. Let us explore three different camera systems that can be used for filming in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

HD Cineflex V14 Camera System

This camera system provides quality images and is more than a good choice for filming any project requiring aerial assistance in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Gyro sensors attach to this camera system, ridding it of shakiness while filming. These sensors even help curb the slightest of vibrations.

Ultra HD Cineflex Premier Camera System

The Ultra HD Cineflex Premier Camera System is similar to the HD Cineflex V14 Camera System, except there are a few differences. For one, the Ultra, boasts the Red Epic Dragon camera – which by all means lives up to its name of “epic.” This camera has Canon 3-300 lens and 5K sensors which help create stunning images. The Red Epic Dragon incapable of capturing 1 to 120 frames each second in complete resolution. Even if your lighting is less than ideal, this camera can get the job done.

The Cineflex Elite Camera System

The Cineflex Elite Camera System is even more advanced than the Cineflex Premier. This camera system brings aerial filming to an even higher height. Put simply: this camera system was made for aerial filming. It was made by actual filmmakers so you know it is the real deal. This camera system is surprisingly compact in size, making it easily transportable and capable of fitting on any helicopter.

An award-winning camera (ARRI Alexa camera) and an award-winning lens (Canon Premier Lens) team up to deliver one of the best, if not the best, aerial filming camera system around.

FairLifts Films Stunning Oklahoma City, OK, Projects

Looking to film a project in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma? Give FairLifts a call. We arrange many different helicopter services, including filming quality projects. Our vendors have the connections to the latest technology so you will not be disappointed with the final result. We have team members standing by 24/7 ready to assist you and answer any question you may have or provide you with a quote.

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