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Anyone who has been to Vancouver knows that it has one of the highest qualities of life compared to other cities. This makes it a prime location for filming. The city itself and the surrounding landscape offer truly picturesque views. Capturing them can be difficult, but aerial video can make this possible. Helicopters providing aerial filming in Vancouver can bring any filming project to the next level.

FairLifts arranges many aerial services, including videography. Our connections to the latest in helicopter filming technology provide our clients with the highest quality aerial videography around.

Filming Technology

A helicopter provides an important view from above. This can be important for any film project. FairLifts can arrange helicopter filming services throughout Vancouver, BC, and the surrounding area. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approves all of the gear our vendors use as well as how they are attached to various helicopters. The latest technology is available through our vendors. A variety of different camera systems can assist and take your film project to the next level. Real-time videos can be viewed from the ground and UHF, and VHF communication between the ground and air can be arranged while GPA navigation systems assist in going through the weather and surrounding terrain.

Cineflex Camera Systems

FairLifts arranges helicopters that can be equipped with a variety of different camera systems. Cineflex provides a few different options worth looking into, offering three very unique camera systems for filming in Vancouver, BC.

FairLifts: Expert Aerial Filming Solutions in Vancouver

FairLifts: Expert Aerial Filming Solutions in Vancouver

HD Cineflex V14 Camera System

The HD Cineflex V14 Camera System provides quality images and is a great choice for any filming project using aerial assistance in Vancouver, BC. This camera system comes with gyro sensors that get rid of the shakiness of filming. These sensors even eliminate slight vibrations that could hinder a film project. Carbon-fiber and aluminum are used in this camera system.

Ultra HD Cineflex Premier Camera System

The Ultra HD Cineflex Premier Camera System is a step up from the HD Cineflex V14 camera system. The Ultra HD Cineflex Premier comes with a Red Epic Dragon camera equipped with Canon 3-300 lens. Also, 5K sensors create amazing images; the Red Epic Dragon can capture 1 to 120 frames in each second. It captures all of these frames in complete resolution. Another advantage of this camera system aside from the picture is it operates better in lighting conditions that are considered less than ideal.

The Cineflex Elite Camera System

Taking it a step further, the Cineflex Elite camera system tops the previous two. This camera system was designed for aerial filming. Even filmmakers themselves assisted in the design of this camera system, meaning it was built with aerial filming specifically in mind. The Cineflex Elite uses gyro-stabilizers as well and offers the edge over the other two models by how compact the camera system is. A 5-axis stability system brings filmography to an entirely new level. The Canon Premier Lens and the ARRI Alexa camera are both award-winning camera and lenses that make up this camera system.

FairLifts Films Quality Vancouver, BC, Projects

If you think your filming endeavor could benefit from aerial filming, give FairLifts a call. We arrange a variety of aerial services, priding ourselves in setting up only the best, highest quality, and latest technology in the realm of helicopter videography. We arrange these services throughout Vancouver, BC. Film at the quality you deserve. Give us a call; we are standing by ready to assist with answering questions or providing you with a quote. We are reachable 24/7.

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