Aerial Video Production Services by Memphis Helicopters

Aerial Video Production Services by Memphis Helicopters

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Memphis helicopters deliver unrivaled aerial video production solutions. Recent innovations in the film industry demand a new way to remain at the top of your game. Fortunately, rotorcraft can effectively deliver that sustained advantage into your hands, when you obtain your next shot from the side of a helicopter itself. The difference is obvious, even before you watch the footage back, you can identify the superior shot quality, all facilitated by dedicated and trained helicopter providers in Memphis, the best that the region can offer. Through FairLifts, helicopter providers routinely take aspiring and active film producers to new heights, delivering stabilized, 360-degree footage to perfectly complement any film project or portfolio.

Helicopters prove the optimal aerial photography solution for high and low-altitude footage acquisition. With the capacity to hover for long periods, compounded by a helicopter’s ability to take off and land repeatedly, and at a moment’s notice, you can effectively command cutting-edge technology. High-powered aircraft work diligently for your immediate and lasting benefit, along the way allowing you to save on operational costs and time alike. Our providers are also in full and lasting compliance with all FAA regulations, including the Low-Level Flight Waiver.

Ideal angles of awe-inspiring Memphis landscapes

Pair world-class aerial film production services with city landscapes well worth your time: welcome to Memphis , home to a rich barbecue scene, cultural corners of all sorts, and enough historic and natural landmarks to keep aerial film production helicopters busy for the foreseeable future. Defined by renowned attractions like Elvis Presley’s former home Graceland, as well as the acclaimed Beale Street Historic District, Memphis comes virtually pre-packaged with enough sights and sounds to outfit an entire film portfolio. Long periods of optimal weather in Tennessee make for optimal flying conditions in Memphis, and even when the weather is less than its best, rotorcraft are designed for flight in certain weather patterns, giving you the flexibility you need despite climatic inhibitions.

A helicopter’s ability to hover for sustained periods, and to reach areas of heightened topography, mean that regardless of your Memphis site of choice, a helicopter can effectively deliver industry-leading results. If you can visualize it in Memphis , an aerial film production helicopter enhanced for digital footage acquisition can most likely transform your aspirations into actuality.

A wide portfolio of applicable services

No matter your financial situation or your individual or corporate preferences, helicopter providers work with you to first understand the aerial footage you’re looking to acquire. After a consultation, aircraft take to the skies with your project in mind, returning after expediting those needs in a fraction of the traditional time. Regardless of any economic constraints, there promises to exist a package that can comfortably accomplish your requests. Realize you true aerial film production aspirations, with a helicopter solution that truly does allow you to take home world-class footage without settling for the next-best option.

Specific camera mount systems can capture all preferred shots, no matter their difficulty or required specific maneuverability. These camera systems are defined not only by frequent helicopter use but also by their state-of-the-art design, items like Wescam, Gyron, Spacecam, Tyler and Pictorvision, all capable of successfully delivering an individualized Memphis angle as you’ve never before witnessed the city.

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Reach out to one of our dedicated customer service agents, to discover all of the easy ways that you could make one of these aerial film production packages your own today. Agents are available at every hour of every day, so there’s never a bad time to call, even if you’re not ready to purchase quite yet. When you are, book a package easily over the phone, or fill out a customer contact form online for an alternative solution. Online submissions can expect timely responses within 24 hours.

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