Benefits of Helicopter Aerial Photography

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Why Not Use a Drone?

There are many factors to keep in mind when deciding whether to use a helicopter or drone for photography and filming. There are advantages and disadvantages of both.

Drones tend to be extremely lightweight, but they are only able to stay in the air for a limited amount of time. The winds can impact the quality of the film or photos.

There are also restrictions on the altitude drones are allowed to go without the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) approval. Helicopters have fewer restrictions in regards to altitude and can cover more area in less time. Since they are bigger, helicopters also have fewer issues with the wind.

How Photo Flights Work

Beginning with the ground briefing, the photographer and the pilot discuss the expectations from the flight. This helps to keep the cost down, by keeping helicopter flights as focused and short as possible. Also important, safety briefing informs passengers that no loose objects are permitted in the aircraft. We strive to fulfill the needs of the photographer, but safety is still our number one priority.

Past Missions

In the past, we have assisted in the arrangement of a multitude of film and photo projects. Some of these projects include music videos, vehicle promotion videos, and numerous photography projects. Other projects include vineyards, crop fields, construction sites, and much more!

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