FairLifts Facilitates Helicopter Featured In New Chevrolet Commercial

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Planning a Chevy Commercial

There are many aspects that go into planning a commercial, in general. Planning a Chevy commercial with a helicopter, however, requires a bit more thought and logistical preparation. In the beginning, the experts at FairLifts coordinated discussions with all parties involved, including: directors, editors, creative minds, pilots, and operators. Communication is key when facilitating a job of this caliber.

Once everyone is in communications and landing permission is secured, it is time for the experts at FairLifts to find the right helicopter for the job. In cases like this, changing crew sizes can make the job difficult for just one helicopter. Our experts, however, are able to facilitate helicopters from all over to get the job done.

Next, our experts helped to prepare and secure landing sites. Generally, for Bell 206Ls (Long Ranger), like the one featured, require 100 x 100 square feet of surface area for landing. Having a paved lot, like the one in the commercial, makes it easier for the helicopter to safely land. However, because this shoot was taking place at a dealership, the helicopter had to be washed to ensure that the cars were not being covered in dirt from the helicopter’s down-wash.

FairLifts Coordinates With Local Authorities

When filming a commercial, especially with a helicopter, it is important to let the proper authorities know. For this commercial, the local police department was made aware of the helicopter’s presence. This is to avoid the concerns of local citizens and to keep all authorities in the loop for safety precautions. In more difficult cases, DOT permission.

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