Aerial Video Production in Portland, Oregon

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Portland, OR, provides a unique location for filming. From the views to the robust city to the nature surrounding the city, there are views worth capturing on film. Helicopters can assist with aerial videos in Portland, OR, and the surrounding area.

FairLifts arranges these types of aerial videography which can prove to be necessary in many filming projects. FairLifts connections are vast—including trained helicopter pilots and crew members—and we have connections to the latest aerial filming technology that will elevate filming to an entirely new level.

Filming Technology

Aerial filming can provide a crucial role in any filming project. FairLifts has the connects to vendors who use the latest gear in aerial filming. No matter what you desire, you will be covered. The gear vendors use is Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved and is attached to appropriate aircraft. Real-time videos can be arranged that can be seen from the ground. To make this process easier, our vendors have capabilities of providing UHF and VHF communication between the ground and the air. GPS navigation assists as well, helping us navigate for the weather and the terrain.

Cineflex Camera Systems

Helicopters are capable of being equipped with different filming systems, or camera systems. Cineflex provides a variety of different camera systems. Each one has its special perks. Read below to decide which one would be the best fit four your aerial filming needs in Portland, Oregon.

HD Cineflex V14 Camera System

The Cineflex V14 camera system is a good choice. It provides high definition cameras for your aerial filming project in Portland, Oregon. The camera system is equipped with state of the art gyro sensors. These sensors eliminate shakiness while filming and can even get rid of slight vibrations that could ruin your film. Aluminum, as well as carbon-fiber, are used to support this camera system.

Ultra HD Cineflex Premier Camera System

While similar to the HD Cineflex V14 camera system, the Ultra HD Cineflex Premier lives up to its name “ultra.” The Cineflex Premier has a special Red Epic Dragon camera in the package and a Canon 30-300 lens. The Red Epic Dragon implements 5K sensors to create images and the results are stunning. This camera can capture 1 to 120 frames per second. If you have to film in less than ideal lighting conditions, this camera system provides the advantage over the former.

The Cineflex Elite Camera System

Another camera system option in the Cineflex Elite camera system. This one takes helicopter filming to a new level. Filmmakers even assisted with making this camera system, so to say it was built for aerial filming would be an understatement. Like the other camera systems, the Cineflex Elite uses gyro-stabilizers. But one advantage over this camera system compared to the others is how compact it is. This is a truly lightweight camera system. It has a 5-axis stability system in place to bring your filmography to the level it needs to be. Award-winning cameras and lenses attach to this unit as well, including the Canon Premier lens and the ARRI Alexa camera.

Film With FairLifts

When looking where to turn to for your Portland, OR, film endeavor look no further than FairLifts. FairLifts arranges high-quality aerial filming and videography services throughout the city and the surrounding areas. We want you to get the videos you deserve at the quality you deserve. We have team members standing by ready to take your calls. Personnel are available 24/7 to answer any questions you have or provide you with aerial filming quotes.

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