Helicopter Expected to Inspect High Voltage Towers This Monday

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If you see a helicopter in the sky that looks much closer to you than it should be, don’t worry, as this Monday, helicopters will be sent out to inspect and assess high voltage towers to analyze their condition and see if there are any electrical problems. The ITC officials will be onboard the helicopters and will be flying in and around the towers repeatedly to assess the condition of the towers, so there is a high chance that you will see some helicopters that are closer to earth than expected. The reason for the helicopters scooping down so low for the inspection is to get a careful look at any damage that has been caused by lightning, wear and tear, or man-made issues. Helicopters are said to be flying as low as 30 to 40 feet above the transmission lines, and that at no point would they fly below the lines as there is a severe risk of crashing.

The inspections that will start on Monday are expected to begin in the Clinton and Ionia counties in Michigan state. Christine Williams, spokesperson for the ITC told the media that these inspections occur twice a year, once in the summer and another time in the winter, to ensure that there is a proper level of maintenance of the electric grid so that there won’t be any surprise power failures that will fail to keep the air conditioner on in the summer or keep the warmth turned on in the winter.

In relation to the ITC taking their helicopters out for an analysis on the electric towers, Fair Lift Helicopter services also offer services involving private helicopters that are used to transport cargo and other heavy objects to far distances. Among the services done by these helicopters is helicopter transmission line construction, in which they can help build transmission lines or help repair them. The helicopters that we have brought out to services are known to be extremely efficient and have reduced damages done to fragile environments by 95%, making it a desirable choice. In addition to the small amount of environmental risk our helicopters have, they are much faster at building transmission lines and repairing them in newly developed areas, so if there is an area that needs new transmission lines built, our helicopters will do the job as quickly as possible.