Helicopter Mining Operations Support in California

Fair Lifts Mining

FairLifts schedules efficient and cost-effective helicopter mining operations support in California to ensure access to remote mining areas, as well as delivery of essential cargo, equipment, and crews. Helicopters also provide crucial life-saving transportation in the event of an accident. By ensuring deadlines and financial goals are met, helicopters keep California mining operations on time and under budget.

Also, to secure mine production, it is necessary to have helicopters on standby to supply strategic machinery and parts in the event of a malfunction, and to facilitate the safe transport of highly-valuable mining products to ensure protection from the threat of theft.

FairLifts coordinated helicopter mining operations support in California enables deadlines to be met and production to stay on track. By keeping operations in check, helicopter support increases revenues and ensures production targets are met. Our network affiliates are equipped with heavy-duty helicopters capable of moving mining products, machinery, and crews at great speeds, expediting operations every step of the way.

Premium Helicopter Mining Operations Support in California

California ranks fourth in the United States in mining production. It is also the only state to produce boron, enabling the United States to lead the world, along with Turkey, in boron production. Boron is used domestically in glass and ceramics to allow glass or ceramic to withstand intense heat. The mineral mining industry in California is valued at $3.52 billion, and the primary minerals in order of value are sand and gravel used for construction, cement, boron minerals, crushed stone and soda ash.

In California, helicopter mining operations support can provide numerous services, including charter transportation of crews, regular and unscheduled transportation to and from remote sites for shift deployment, executive and site or area tours, immediate deployment of crews for drilling, maintenance, and quick response support, quick deployment of crews to high demand or emergencies, ongoing transportation of goods and parts to remote sites, and aerial lift of emergency supply critical parts. Helicopter mining operations support substantially reduces transport times by allowing items can be transported on board or with the use of a sling.

Helicopter mining operations support also enables flood and wildfire surveys, as well as flood and wildfire relief monitoring, pipeline patrols, well checks, pipeline and wellhead monitoring, maintenance surveys and patrols for pipelines, power lines, and remote infrastructure and facilities. Helicopter support also facilitates weed spotting and surveying, aerial spraying for weed control, monitoring and surveying of dangerous animals, mustering, and dangerous animal control including culling.

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