2018 Hollywood Casino 400 Helicopter Charter

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The weekend of Sunday, October 21, 2018, is going to be one hell of a day for race fans in Kansas City. The annual Hollywood Casino 400 will be held at Kansas Speedway for the 17th time bringing in a projected 140 thousand plus fans. “The track that will blow you away,” just 15 miles West of downtown Kansas City, has been wowing fans since 1999. For those who live nearby, the event is a well-known cause for excitement but also a cause for frustration when it comes to getting in and leaving that race weekend.

However, alternative solutions in being transported in and out of the raceway have emerged in 2018 Hollywood Casino 400 helicopter charters. Offered to race-fans and special guests attending the third race in the Chase for the Monster Energy Cup, this option is an incredible alternative that not only offers a fantastic view but also a way to skip all the traffic. Are you a fan of the checkered flag yourself? Read on for more of the fantastic benefits this helicopter charter can provide you and how to get started on reserving yours!

Never worry about parking or traffic

Each year, Kansas Speedway welcomes over 100,000 race fans to its two major races, the NASCAR® Casino 400 being one. Traffic in and around the area can get backed up and postpone fans for several hours, not to mention having to pay for reasonable parking close to the track. Which, if you are not a season ticket holder can cost $35, if you get your reservation in enough time. With your 2018 Hollywood Casino 400 helicopter charter, you will skip all of the frustration having to wait in traffic, get to your spot, walk to the stadium hauling all of your coolers and guaranteeing you have a DD after you have your race-day drink. Professional pilots will fly you over all of those raging drivers below and be there to pick you up on time or later if you request it. Skip out on all of the headaches associated with parking and traffic, reserve a helicopter to bypass it all.

Get there early and stay late

One of the worse things about trying to bypass traffic in and out of the track is missing the pre-race events and missing the award ceremony after one of your favorite racers has gained the checkered flag. By reserving a 2018 Hollywood Casino 400 helicopter charter, you won’t miss a single event. You’ll see the pre-race concert, maybe walk pit road and see which drivers are eliminated and which will still be in the running to go to Martinsville.

2018 Hollywood Casino 400 Helicopter Charter

2018 Hollywood Casino 400 Helicopter Charter

Stay Close-By

Kansas City offers many options when it comes to hotels near the track. The best part of taking a 2018 Hollywood Casino 400 helicopter charter is that our partnering operators will deliver you as close to your hotel as possible. Stay late and by the time you are back at your hotel, some unlucky fans will be just leaving the parking lot. Some of our favorite hotels near Kansas Speedway are:

  • BW Premier Kc Speedway Inn & Suites
  • Country Inn & Suites Kansas City Village West
  • Hampton Inn Kansas City Village West
  • Great Wolf Lodge Kansas City
  • Chateau Avalon in Kansas City
  • Residence Inn Kansas City at the Legends
  • Candlewood Suites : 10920 Parallel Pkwy
  • Holiday Inn Express Village West

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