Bolster Your Output with a Kamov Ka-60 Helicopter Today

Bolster Your Output with a Kamov Ka-60 Helicopter Today

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Welcome to the next chapter in sustained helicopter flight

Put world-class flight amenities to work for you! No matter your plans with regard to sustained aerial transportation, you can depend on the fact that a Kamov Ka-60 helicopter has you arriving ahead of time. Now, it’s easier than ever to depart and arrive at a time most convenient for you. Experience unrivaled efficiency and flexibility alike, with the freedom to fly at your own pace. Satisfy the complete extent of your corporate or personal endeavors, with the help that a Kamov Ka-60 helicopter can provide you.

Dedicated helicopter pilots routinely take to the skies in the Kamov Ka-60, and it’s time that you put the same portfolio of unique services to work for you. Discover what so many industry leaders already know to be true, when it comes to the Kamov Ka-60, your security and comfort are accounted for, thanks to the finest in available helicopter providers. Helicopter providers adhere to all FAA guidelines and put years of service on the line for each of your flights. With so many distinct benefits of air transportation, it’s safe to consider helicopter travel a venture well worth the investment.

Discover the details on the Kamov Ka-60

Since its first flight in December of 998, this Russian helicopter has satisfied a wide variety of transportation needs. Different versions of the helicopter were created after the perceived success of the original model, to satisfy individualized needs by air. A training version, followed by a naval and a reconnaissance Ka-60, were subsequently established. A civilian model was even created, for the satisfaction of casual users. With the capacity to comfortably accommodate up to 15 individual passengers, there’s more than enough room inside for personnel transportation or lift needs. The Kamov Ka-60 can reach speeds of up to 191 miles per hour, with a cruising speed of 180 miles per hour. And with a range of nearly 500 miles, you can travel for extended periods, without the need to refuel. The Kamov Ka-60 can reach heights of nearly 19,000 feet, taking you high enough to avoid other traffic, and accomplish all corporate or personal undertakings.

Book a charter flight today, courtesy of any one of the associated helicopter providers, to have your needs accounted for while you travel in style. You will be able to relax in a temperature-controlled environment while you fly. Additionally, you will be provided with noise-canceling headphones, ideal for blocking out the noise of the powerful rotors overhead. And of course, you will arrive at a time convenient for you, rounding out an aerial experience that affords you the finest in in-air accommodations and security alike.

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