Helicopter Specifications: Sikorsky S-70

Fair Lifts Specifications

The Sikorsky S-70 series is full of next-generation, multi-mission capable aircraft. Sikorsky, now a Lockheed Martin company, has made improvements to the Sikorsky S-70 that will not only make missions easier but also keeps pilots’ workloads at a minimum. The S-70 changes the game for a multitude of industries, including firefighting and military. The following are a few of the most common variants of the S-70 that Fairlifts utilizes for many operations.

The Sikorsky S-70i ⎼ The iHawk

The S-70i, also known as the “iHawk”, is a utility variant of the S-70 series. It has a maximum gross weight with an external load of 23,500 lbs. It has a 9,000-lb hook capacity with a hover-out-of-ground-effect (HOGE) gross weight of 18,000 lbs. The Sikorsky S-70i is still being manufactured, since 1974. It is powered by two General Electric T700-GE-701C engines that produce 1,940 horsepower.

The Sikorsky S-70i has a travel range of 248 nautical miles with a service ceiling of 13,200 feet. Even though the aircraft has a maximum cruise speed of 150 knots, the aircraft has a rate of climb listed at 700 feet per minute. The aircraft has a capacity of 14 to 17 seats, 12 troops, or 6 stretchers.

In the 1970s, the US Army developed the S-70i to ultimately win a competition to be designated the UH-60 Black Hawk. New and improved versions of the aircraft, some civilian and some military versions, have been developed since.

Sikorsky S-70 Firehawk ⎼ Multi-Role, Multi-Mission

The S-70 Firehawk dumping water on a wildfire. (Credit: Sikorsky)

The Firehawk, born a Black Hawk, is equipped with multiple modifications, perfect for firefighting capabilities. A single operated cockpit, medically-configured interior, 1,000-gallon belly water tank, extended landing gear, and rescue hoist offer the best configuration for top firefighting performance.

The Firehawk is capable of transporting up to 11 wildland firefighters and their gear to the edge of the fire line. It has a precision water drop that can release up to 8,000 pounds of water with high accuracy. Since there is no underslung load on the Firehawk, the aircraft can be flown straight from the water source to the scene of the fire.

The Sikorsky S-70 Firehawk is also capable of carrying out precise search and rescue. Its precise location GPS/INS capability and enhanced hover modes offer the perfect aircraft for external, electric rescue hoists. There are also passenger seats stowed away in the ceilings for emergencies.

The Firehawk is also the perfect aircraft for Medevac operations. With stowable seats, 2 primary litters, and advanced life support capability with a built-in medical panel, the Firehawk offers all the necessary tools to rapidly adapt to any mission profile!

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