Okanagan Helicopter Rescue, Disaster Averted in Recovery of Man Stranded on a Cliff

Okanagan Helicopter Rescue, Disaster Averted in Recovery of Man Stranded on a Cliff

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Okanagan Helicopter Rescue!

Recently a man was saved from what could have been a deadly situation as a result of an Okanagan helicopter rescue operation. Jeff Cuddeback, an avid hiker and sports enthusiast, was in desperate need of assistance after getting stranded on a cliff above Fintry Falls.

For two hours, the young man awaited emergency assistance. He was severely fatigued, palms sweaty, his whole body clinging for life that someone would save him. A friend of his, Bryn Marsh, was left with very little options nor could rescue him. Bryn was successful in getting off the trail and called for help. Soon Cuddeback heard the telltale swoop of helicopter blades come rushing overhead when all seemed to be at a loss.

Even through the dirt and fauna fluttering about above Cuddeback, the safety and assurance of the rescuers brought a sense of relief as they went about the rescue. Discomfort aside, Jeff was just glad to be on his own two feet at ground level with no apparent injuries. In situations like these, helicopters are the best alternative to work with in arranging and coordinating important emergency maneuvers like lifts, search and rescue and retrieval.

This story is one of many when it comes to providing customers with access to emergency rescue service providers. Don’t let a single moment go wasted when there are those in need of help.

Helicopter services operators work with the finest highly-trained emergency rescue professionals in the area to provide services regardless of the task and situation. On all occasions, be it catastrophic weather conditions to forest fires, rest assured, you’ll only receive the very best, courteous, courageous and effective emergency airlift service providers available to you. These same service providers have a vast fleet at their disposal to meet any demand, any time, anywhere. Through an intensive selection process, countless years of experience in emergency rescue operations, and continuous training, they are sure to bring a much-desired set of skills and knowledge necessary to every emergency helicopter response scenario be it for medical, fire, or in recovery. When a life is on the line, there’s no other authority in emergency airlift coordination than that of a helicopter services provider.

Should you need emergency helicopter response, contact FairLifts. One of our incredibly professional personal account managers will arrange emergency services to respond to a variety of emergency scenarios. Time is of the essence and waiting is never an option in the safety of you and yours.

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