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Heli-Skiing Charters


Backcountry & Off-Trail Skiing & Snowboarding Helicopter Charters

Conquer Untracked Powder at the Most Popular Mountain Ranges in North America.
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North American Helicopter Skiing

When you imagine skiing those untouched areas of powder snow it means something more than novelty, it means the exclusive and elite feeling of experiencing an area that hasn’t been shredded by anyone else. It is the Holy Grail. But making it to these areas past the boundaries of official ski zones can be a hassle. Luckily, you are visiting FairLifts, and we know backcountry skiing.

From first-timers to regular heli-skiers, we provide arrangement of heli-skiing nearly anywhere you want to go globally. Through our professional connections and vast network of experienced mountain helicopter pilots, we can provide scheduling of flights for any sized group or for individuals with the craving for adrenaline and snow packed adventure. By allowing FairLifts to arrange your heli-skiing package, you are gaining access to remote slopes, professional guides and a unique experience. Between the incredible views and your ski down the pristine untapped terrain to the landing area, you will have an adrenaline filled time above a nearly unlimited choice of locations.

You and your group will be transported in a luxury class 4+ seat helicopter along with an experienced guide. Unlike some of our competitors, you will have the ability to choose when, where and how much you accumulate in unlimited vertical. From back and forth flights to one area to daily or weekly charters of the aircraft for unlimited heli-skiing, we can offer you the ability to customize the perfect experience for you.

If you are an experienced skier, you likely have heli-skiing on your bucket list. Why not cross it off and enjoy one of the most adventurous activities winter sports can provide? Helicopters are a rarely experienced luxury when it comes to skiing, which is why they are so sought after. Think of it this way, you are basically getting to ski in a place no one else has been, seeing areas no one else has seen and doing it in the most envious way possible.

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Heli-Skiing Heli-Skiing

Why take a helicopter for your backcountry skiing?

Many other options are available for you, such as hiking to these areas, etc. but why do that when you can take a helicopter?

Helicopter travel is unmatched in efficiency and speed and gets you to the peaks faster. Not only that, but after your awesome descent, the helicopter will be waiting to either take you back up again or to another location.

Helicopters also leave less of an environmental impact than ski-lifts do, in fact, the most that these aircraft affect the environment may be the slight print of the landing gear in the snow.

You have the ability to carry all of your equipment with you in one go. Unlike hiking trips, you won’t have to carry anything. Helicopters used for heli-skiing are equipped with inside or outside cargo areas to transport all of your gear.

They’re safer. As a matter of fact, helicopters assist majorly in mountain rescues every year, so having your own at your disposal for the day just makes you a safer skier.

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Helicopter Skiing Charters Helicopter Skiing Charters

What will you get with a heli-skiing reservation through FairLifts?


You mean other than the thousands of feet of vertical, bottomless powder, nonexistent crowds and endless terrain choices?

Get to the best slopes: As we explained before, you will have the ability to ski remote locations not accessible by traditional means. These backcountry skiing exclusive areas are untouched, unexplored and completely new.

Professional Guides: Along with working with professional and experienced pilots, professional helicopter operators and luxury resorts, we also can arrange a trained guide to accompany you down the slopes. These instructors and hosts have years in the area and have become masters of the terrain. They will personally monitor the snow, weather and avalanche conditions during your heli-skiing excursion and provide immediate assistance if ever needed.

We will work with your resort: So you are staying at a resort not located right in the area in which you wish to ski. No problem. We will coordinate with local resorts for transportation to and from the resort as well as keep a steady stream of contact for your safety. Often, resorts we start working with, we continue working with, bringing in business from all over the world and many offer heli-pads for easy transport as well.

Round Trips, Multi- Day Trips Available: Whether you simply want a day of skiing, just a lift up and down the mountain, want transport from the mountain to your hotel or want to reserve your heli-skiing services for a multi-day excursion, we can build a customized package around your needs. Heli-accessed ski touring is another option and simply involves the participation of the helicopter to transport you to and from the lodge to the peak and then after you are finished for the day.

Heli-Skiing Safety

Backcountry and off-piste skiing can be dangerous due to the risk of avalanche, exhaustion, weather, cliffs, rock fall and tree wells. Your guide will assist you with avalanche transceivers, shovels and probes to perform avalanche rescues. The professional guides FairLifts will arrange for you use state of the art equipment to review and observe the terrain, sky, snow pit data and remote weather station feeds prior to your trip.

Snow stability is assessed prior to picking a specific area to ski in. Detailed safety instructions and training will be provided by most guides prior to the heli-skiing trip. Safety orientations are typically mandatory by most operators. Helmets, transceivers and shovel packs can also be provided for your safety.

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With FairLifts you can rest assured you will receive knowledgeable advice from heli-ski professionals, excellent recommendations and a concierge service that goes above and beyond your expectations. Our agents have a wealth of knowledge to offer you the best, and the most authentic, backcountry experiences in the World. We are in the business of providing incredible skiing experiences, preparing the perfect itinerary to meet your interests and desires. From your personal heli-skiing agent, you will receive the best value, the best service, and access to the best skiing.

We provide expertise in traditional Canadian powder to first descents on the remote and logistically challenging areas like Greenland, Iceland, and Chile. Let us know specific details such as your availability, number of people traveling, budget and distinctive powder destinations that catch your eye; you won’t have to worry about the intricate details of your unique ski experience. We can take care of your every travel need such as, the best flight schedule and private travel to your destination from your home city.

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