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FairLifts Provides Helicopter Support for the Mining Industry

Fair Lifts Helicopter Services, Mining, Oil & Gas

FairLifts provides comprehensive helicopter support for the mining industry. We specialize in oil, gas, mining, and industrial sites across the United States. Helicopters in the mining industry provide a specific level of accuracy and efficiency that can help to cut operational costs! Benefits We service complex transportation needs to and from remote sites. Helicopters offer a reduction in transport times by nearly …

Helicopter Pipeline Inspections in California

Fair Lifts Oil & Gas

Take advantage of what nationally acclaimed oil and natural gas companies already know: the quickest distance between your organization and a successful pipeline survey is a FairLifts’ reserved helicopter. Put some distance between yourself and your oil or natural gas territory, to survey the entirety of your property from an unrivaled angle in the sky. It’s a vantage point that …

Pipeline Surveys in Illinois

Fair Lifts Oil & Gas

Both Canada and the United States share the Keystone Pipeline. It runs from Alberta to various American locations including the Wood River Refinery in Roxana, Illinois. Wherever there are pipelines, there’s a potential danger from leaks of natural gas and petroleum. That’s why aerial pipeline surveys provide a deterrent from these kinds of accidents. Given the vast territory that pipelines …

Helicopter Pipeline Surveys in Kansas

Helicopter Pipeline Surveys in Kansas: Infrared, Thermal, HD, & More!

Fair Lifts Oil & Gas

When the distance between your business and effective productivity is a pipeline problem, it’s time to put your pipeline network into the hands of a dedicated professional. Make a helicopter pipeline survey the solution to your pipeline needs in Kansas. Unique in the fact that a pipeline survey by helicopter can survey large amount of land, and of pipeline, at …

Helicopter Pipeline Inspections in Oklahoma

Helicopter Pipeline Inspections in Oklahoma

Fair Lifts Oil & Gas

Trust FairLifts to reserve expert pipeline surveys today, to accelerate your business propositions, and secure your pipelines in Oklahoma for a competitive price. It’s a pipeline inspection that proves well worth the investment, whether you’re surveying the land before the pipeline is to be installed, or even if you need to inspect existing pipelines for incongruities or problems. You’re guaranteed …

Offshore Helicopter Charters to Gulf of Mexico Oil Rigs

Offshore Helicopter Charters to Gulf of Mexico Oil Rigs from Houma Heliport

Fair Lifts Oil & Gas

FairLifts arranges premium offshore helicopter charters for the oil and gas industry from Houma, Louisiana to Gulf of Mexico oil rigs for cargo and crews on time-sensitive deadlines. Helicopters provide indispensable assistance to companies on the Gulf of Mexico by transporting oil and gas crews and cargo to and from vessels, drilling rigs, production platforms, and pipeline terminals. Helicopter charters …

Louisiana Helicopter Pipeline Surveys

Helicopter Pipeline Surveys in Louisiana: Fast, Accurate and Effective Results

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For natural resource providers, pipeline surveys and inspections are integral to the movement of their product to the numerous markets they serve in a timely manner. Surveys and inspections are carried out routinely to look for anomalies in pipeline installations and in accordance with local and federal regulations. In areas where the concentration of complex pipeline systems is particularly concentrated …

Helicopter pipeline surveys in Utah

Helicopter Pipeline Surveys in Utah

Fair Lifts Oil & Gas

From the Ruby Pipeline running from Wyoming through Utah to the UNEV Pipeline that originates in the state, there are many above and underground oil/gas pipelines that require constant monitoring and inspection. These lines run thousands of miles and the number is likely to grow exponentially in 2018 (predicted amounts are over 4.6 thousand miles). With the help of FairLifts, …

Pipeline Surveys in Alaska

Pipeline Surveys in Alaska by Helicopter

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Alaska is a wondrous state with awe-inspiring beauty. Snow-capped mountains, polar bears fishing in frozen lakes and rivers and a diverse terrain are all hallmarks of Alaska. It ranks number one as the largest state by area, comparable to double the size of Texas. As in Texas, Alaska benefits from the discovery of oil in 1968. But Alaska faces special …

Helicopter Pipeline Surveys in Texas

Helicopter Pipeline Surveys in Texas: Protecting Your Investment

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In Texas, where natural gas and petroleum pipelines extend for thousands of miles, aerial helicopter patrols are the most effective way to carry out pipeline inspections. Pipeline surveys in Texas must cover thousands of miles, therefore, helicopter inspections are much more cost effective since pipeline patrols can survey numerous pipelines in a single day, which results in lower insurance, maintenance …