Kailua Helicopter Lift Services


Kailua Helicopter Lift Services


The Best Choice in a Tight Spot: Kailua Helicopter Lift Solutions
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Kailua helicopter lifts take over where land-based cranes leave off.

FairLifts responds with rapid service when you need a heavy lift helicopter--fast. We reach out to our network of affiliates to deliver real time solutions to attend to your helicopter needs. Whether you need evacuation support during natural disasters, heavy lift long line lifts for construction, or even heli-logging help; we match your job with the right helicopter. Land-based cranes are great--for some jobs. But heavy lift helicopters travel to off-the-grid locations where land-based cranes are restricted.

Hawaiian terrain is beautiful with white beaches, blue waters, and dense, tropical forests. Unpredictable weather patterns mean dangerous conditions. When trouble comes to paradise, heavy lift helicopters are fire and rescue agencies’ best friends.

When you book Kailua helicopter lifts, you’ll gain access to hard-working pilots with a solid understanding of their aircraft, the terrain and the job at hand. Count on local operators to get the job done safely and quickly.

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Kailua, Hawaii - Nature’s Wonderland

The origins of the island name, Kailua, refers back to a Hawaiian word meaning two currents when the island’s earliest residents noted the double currents drifting over Kailua Beach Bay. Today’s visitors see remnants of the ancient temple ruins scattered across the island. Worship is special here.

The major pull of Kailua are its beaches and outdoor activities. With ideal tradewinds, kitesurfing is a must. Visitors also marvel at the Maunawili Falls, an amazing watery wonder. In June of this year, Sherman’s Travel gave iconic Lanikai Beach high marks as one of it’s top 10 beach trips.

With great body surfing and regular surfing; it’s easy to understand why sun worshippers seek out Kailua’s beaches. In this gorgeous location, daily reasons to call upon helicopters for construction and development to water rescues for injured surfers,make Kailua helicopter lift solutions a popular prospect.

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Work Never Stops for Kailua Big Lift Helicopters

Just because Kailua is a tourist destination, doesn’t mean that work stops for everyone else on the island. Construction sites, cargo and freight and emergency services keep working and may need big lift helicopters to get the work done.

Kailua Construction Helicopter Services - Kailua Helicopter Lift Solutions

Construction Helicopters

The Island of Oahu has new construction underway at all times. Unfortunately, land-based cranes can’t always keep up. Construction helicopters give contractors a great option, swooping in with cables and hooks to move massive construction materials like concrete, steel and iron in hard to reach or congested areas.

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Kailua Heavy Lift Helicopters - Kailua Helicopter Lift Solutions

Heavy Lift Helicopters

The irony about heavy lift helicopters is that they often do delicate work. Placing a gigantic piece of artwork on top of a multi-story building takes a deft, professional pilot with the right touch for a complicated job. FairLifts can match your job with the right operator.

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Kailua Helicopter Freight & Cargo Conveyance - Kailua Helicopter Lift Solutions

Cargo Transportation

Freight/cargo helicopters will never replace trains or planes. But for those willing to try something different, transporting freight by helicopter could be a time-saver. Land-based shipping takes longer and may cost more. Freight/cargo helicopters may offer a less costly option... Especially between islands or from one side of Oahu to the other.

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Kailua Emergency and Agricultural Services - Kailua Helicopter Lift Solutions

Search and Rescue

During natural disasters; emergency helicopter lifts can respond with little notice. FairLifts has years of experience and access to a network of  operators in Hawaii who can fly in with emergency helicopters for search and rescue. These helicopters can assist with evacuation, rescues from remote locations, as well as aerial searches.

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