Tallahassee Helicopter Lift Services


Tallahassee Helicopter Lift Services


Cut Your Workload. Use a Heavy Lift Helicopter
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Work Smarter with Helicopter Lift and Executive Charter Services in Tallahassee

If your company is planning major construction in Tallahassee, using a heavy lift helicopter is definitely a wise option. FairLifts has a great reputation for having access to the widest network of helicopter charter and lift services. A heavy lift helicopter flown by a seasoned pilot comes equipped with everything you need to move steel beams or clear debris. Using a helicopter lift can save both time and money by performing more jobs in less time. Plus, these aircraft can fly low and possess great maneuverability. They can deliver massive engines or other equipment to remote locations, like oil rigs. If the work site is in the city, a helicopter can squeeze into those tight spots.

FairLifts Provides Options for Helicopter Lifts and Executive Charters in Tallahassee
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FairLifts Reserves Heavy Lift Helicopter Options in the Florida Panhandle

Tallahassee is home to palm trees, aquamarine seas and cloud-speckled blue skies. No wonder tourists flock to Tallahassee for sun and fun. This area is also rich in greenery with a subtropical climate and an amazingly diverse terrain and ecosystem.

To protect the environment, Tallahassee’s Urban Service Area encourages mild containment of construction or any encroachment that could potentially harm the environment. Consider heavy lift helicopters as a way to work with environmental sensitivity in dense areas. Aerial surveys, pipeline or electrical line installations all benefit from the agility and efficiency of helicopter charters. FairLifts can recommend the right helicopter for your needs. Our affiliates know the area and can suggest options within your budget.

Move Your Freight the Easy Way with a Freight / Cargo Helicopter
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Got the Job? We’ll Book the Helicopter!

FairLifts knows which helicopter charter to send to your special job. With so many affiliates in and around Tallahassee, feel confident that your experienced pilot will work with you to get your jobs done on time, every time.

Other Solutions in Tallahassee....

Tallahassee Construction Helicopter Services - Tallahassee Helicopter Lift Solutions

Construction Helicopters

Land-based cranes are great for some jobs but they have limitations. When you need to attach signage to a multi-story building or move massive materials from place to place at a work site, a construction helicopter is tailor-made for the job.

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Tallahassee Heavy Lift Helicopters - Tallahassee Helicopter Lift Solutions

Heavy Lift Helicopters

Airplanes can’t hover over skyscrapers but aerial cranes can. Delivering massive engine parts or installing equipment on the 81st floor takes a high level of precision. These helicopters come to your site prepared with all the cables, belts, cameras and other state-of-the-art equipment that you need.

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Tallahassee Helicopter Freight & Cargo Conveyance - Tallahassee Helicopter Lift Solutions

Freight / Cargo Helicopters

How long does it usually take to deliver your heavy equipment by train or ship? Imagine the boost to your business when you can make deliveries even faster. Freight / cargo helicopters may be your answer. Cut weeks off your delivery time with this sensible and reliable option.

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Tallahassee Helicopter Agricultural & Emergency Services - Tallahassee Helicopter Lift Solutions

Agricultural Services

Whether you’re clearing the land or evacuating people from a disaster; an emergency helicopter gives the quick response you need with less than 24 hours notice. Tedious agricultural jobs like surveys and taking inventory of crops or animals can be done with extreme accuracy.

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FairLifts: Complete Helicopter Services for Tallahassee, Florida

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