Offshore Operations from Port Arthur, Texas

Helicopter Support for Oil Platforms in the Gulf of Mexico


Offshore Operations from Port Arthur, Texas


Helicopter Support for Oil Platforms in the Gulf of Mexico

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Oil Platform Helicopter Support: Offshore Operations in Port Arthur, Texas

Helicopters have been providing invaluable solutions to the oil and gas industry for decades. Helicopters enable flexibility and versatility and can assist crew, cargo and special mission transport, enabling greater revenues through increased cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Located on the Gulf Coast, Port Arthur is home to the largest oil refinery in the United States, the 600,000 bpd Saudi Aramco - Motiva refinery, which employs nearly 1,500 people. In order to provide transportation, heavy lifts, search and rescue operations and surveys of the oil fields, FairLifts schedules helicopters for offshore operations for the Port Arthur oil industries.

FairLifts' network of affiliates works with expert operators, many former military pilots, who adapt well to last-minute adjustments and assignments. Daytime VFR and nighttime IFR operations are executed for Gulf Coast clients and flights can be scheduled immediately for impromptu operations.

Our network also accommodates a variety of aircraft model options, depending on load size, crew capacity and project specifications. Shuttles to and from offshore rig heliports may utilize smaller helicopters such as the Bell 206's, A-stars and EC-120s, while heavy lifts and cargo transport may require larger helicopter models like S-61. All aircraft is equipped with state-of-the-art safety technology, including floats, rafts, life vests, ELTs, etc.

FairLifts arranges both short-term or long-term helicopter solutions. Enabling exploration, drilling and production at greater depths and further off the coast, FairLifts scheduled offshore petroleum operations in Port Arthur are the oil industry's most trusted resource.

Port Arthur, Texas Oil Platform Helicopter Support Port Arthur, Texas Oil Platform Helicopter Support

Port Arthur, Home of the Largest Refinery in the United States

The Motiva oil refinery in Port Arthur, Texas is the largest oil refinery in the United States. The first processing units of the Port Arthur Refinery were built in 1902 by the Texas Company, later Texaco. Port Arthur in eastern Texas on the Gulf of Mexico has recently witnessed the expansion of the Port Arthur Refinery, whose crude oil capacity is now 600,000 barrels per day. Also, several of the process units built during the expansion are being debottlenecked to increase their capacity.

This refinery, which processes a wide range of crude inputs, including shale oil and heavy, sour, and acid crudes, receives crude oil from Saudi Arabia as well as other countries. The refinery delivers gasoline, diesel, aviation fuels, and high quality base oils to US customers.

FairLifts provides indispensable solutions, such as transport of oil products, machinery and parts as well as crews. Our network of affiliates works exclusively with expert pilots with ample offshore petroleum operations experience, who enable safe, efficient and precise helicopter services in Port Arthur, Texas.

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Port Arthur, Texas Offshore Operations and Services

FairLifts schedules Port Arthur, Texas, offshore operations, production drilling operations, transport and onshore helicopter services. Our network of affiliates on the Gulf Coast will arrange the precise aircraft, pilot and operator to meet your project requirements. Offering a variety of quick response, short and long-term solutions, FairLifts network ensures cost-effective services and efficient solutions to logistical issues involved in Gulf Coast offshore petroleum operations.

Port Arthur Offshore Helicopter Crew Transportation Port Arthur, Texas Offshore Crew Transport

Offshore Crew Transport

FairLifts’ network of affiliates offers ship to shore, base to platform and onshore transfers around the world for offshore petroleum operations. We schedule passenger handling and support and deliver professional scheduling for A to B transfers, multi-stop charters, long and short term transports and more.

Offshore drilling platforms require consistent crew changes and the quickest and most cost-effective way to perform these transfers is by helicopter. Expert pilots and operators can be scheduled for on-demand and last-minute shuttles during regular shifts and during emergency evacuations.

Inspections, energy transport and large groups can all be transported by small and mid-sized helicopters. Faculty, crew, business personnel and VIPs can also rely on Port Arthur offshore petroleum operation helicopters scheduled that can be arranged quickly and at your discretion

Port Arthur Helicopter Movement, Placement, Installation and Repair of Cargo and Equipment

Cargo and Equipment

Offshore drill platforms often require additional materials and cargo to complete operations. Heavy lift drilling supplies, sling and production rig equipment, energy products and additional material payloads in need of transport to remote locations or platforms can be easily delivered by helicopters, which can also assist with the placement and installation of parts.

Port Arthur Helicopter Crew Services: Medevac and SAR Operations

Medevac and SAR Operations

Helicopters provide immediate assistance in emergency situations when lives are on the line. FairLifts’ network of affiliates provides helicopters 24/7 for SAR and medevac transport for crew in need of medical attention.

Port Arthur Helicopter Tours of the Facility and Base Inspections

Facility and Base Inspections

Helicopters enable bird’s-eye aerial views and inspections of offshore bases and rigs, transporting executives, partners and clients to and from on-site and off-site offshore locations.

Port Arthur Helicopter On-Shore Services

On-Shore Services

FairLifts schedules comprehensive oil and gas transport and pipeline survey solutions. Our network of affiliates provides helicopters for a variety of services, including, crews transport to remote locations for pipeline checks, seismic surveys, mineral exploration and marine pilot transfers, pipeline infrastructure inspections, and broad range support of oil and gas operations.

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Port Arthur, Texas Helicopter Services

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