FairLifts Covers Your Aerial Filming Needs in Boston

FairLifts Covers Your Aerial Filming Needs in Boston

Fair Lifts Aerial Photography - Videography

Take Filming to New Heights

If you are filming a movie in Boston, chances are good you are seeking at least one view from above. This is where a helicopter can assist with the matter. A helicopter can provide aerial videos in Boston. (And in other nearby locations.)

FairLifts assists with these types of Boston film productions by arranging helicopter services and using only the latest technology. Our vendors implement this technology and have the experience you need to bring your filming to the next level.

Filming Technology

A wide array of video technology is available to help with your filming needs. A few examples of the gear our vendors use includes:

  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) aircrafts that have attached heavy camera systems
  • Real-time videos that can be viewed on the ground
  • UHF and VHF air-to-ground communications
  • GPS navigation for terrain and weather
  • Various Cineflex camera systems
  • Panasonic 8.4” BT-LH900A LCD director’s monitor.

Camera Systems

Let us take a look at a few of the different camera systems available. All three of the following are top notch Cineflex camera systems:

HD Cineflex V14 Camera System

This camera system captures stunning footage in high definition from above for your Boston film project. Gyro sensors get rid of even minor vibration which creates sturdy HD video. Carbon-fiber and aluminum are used in this camera system for superior aerial footage.

Ultra HD Cineflex Premier

The Cineflex Premier has some similarities when compared to the Cineflex V14. Both use internal gyro stabilizers and have a similar body. The Cineflex Premier differs in that it has a Red Epic Dragon camera as well as a Canon 30-300 lens. The Red Epic Dragon uses 5K sensor capabilities to create images; it can capture 1 to 120 frames each second with completely full resolution. This camera can also operate in less than favorable lighting conditions.

The Cineflex Elite Camera

FairLifts can also arrange the use of the Cineflex Elite camera system. This camera system was made for filming; filmmakers even contributed to the efforts of this camera systems inception. The Cineflex ELITE uses gyro-stabilizers as well. This camera system is also compact and lightweight. A 5-axis stability in the ELITE brings HD Cineflex videography to a new level. Canon Premier lenses are used as well as the ARRI Alexa camera – an award-winning camera that takes filming to a new level.

Film With FairLifts

FairLifts arranges state of the art filming helicopters to deliver only the highest quality videos. Our partners use only the latest technology to assist with all of your filming needs. No matter what type of video you are filming, FairLifts has your aerial video needs covered. Our lines are open 24/7, and we have team members waiting by to answer your questions and provide you with quotes.

Take action and call FairLifts for your Aerial Filming Needs in Boston. Dial 1-800-318-8940.