Aerial Video Production for Atlanta’s Film Industry

Aerial Video Production for Atlanta’s Film Industry

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Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, Archer, Flip or Flop and don’t forget Tyler Perry’s Madea franchise. What do they have in common? They are all produced in Atlanta, Georgia. The ATL is now the hottest film production hub, second only to Los Angeles. With a population just under five million people in the metropolitan area, Atlanta is Georgia‘s most populous city. And with all those people, come cars.

The city is known for its notorious traffic jams at all times of the day. Atlanta is especially dense within the I-285 perimeter that encircles the city. For film productions that need to get across town, access regular neighborhoods or to move huge film crews, catering operations and massive equipment; Atlanta‘s traffic is not easy. Plus, with the narrow interstates jockeying for position with huge tractor-trailers, film production can be a logistical nightmare. Why not avoid it all by hiring a helicopter?

FairLifts arranges aerial video production using the latest technology in high resolution cameras. FairLifts can schedule a turnkey operation with an experienced, certified pilot, a helicopter with a choice of camera stabilization systems like a Cineflex GSS, a Wescam or other options.

Bring in a helicopter for pre-production planning. Scout out locations free from the traffic hassles. Get up and over it all in a comfortable helicopter, complete with all the bells and whistles. Shoot aerial footage in high definition with a Sony 1500 camera. Watch the city come alive at night with all the lights downtown. Make the city another character for your next production.

FairLifts works with some of the most reputable aerial video production companies in Georgia. Safety is a main concern. Our pilots come with years of experience and know how to operate all the stabilizing equipment on state-of-the-art helicopters like the Bell 206 Jet Ranger III or the Robinson R44 Raven II.

Arrange for your film’s cinematographer to sit with the pilot or FairLifts can set up a flight with one of our partners using an in-house film or video crew. It’s your choice. Our partners know their way around Atlanta so they can make suggestions. Need to fly over a Braves game for a crowd shot? No problem. Get information on:

  • How much equipment to bring and the allowable weights.
  • Fuel-loading.
  • Who’s allowed onboard during the flight.
  • Which camera to use for each shot.

Plus, if there are any special permits, FairLifts or its partners can work with you on all the details. Whatever story you want to tell, there’s a helicopter that can give your the visual imagery to enhance the plot. Sometimes, just a sweeping panorama shot of Atlanta‘s skyline with its gold-domed Capitol building provides the necessary panache.

Camera Systems

FairLifts can assist with your selection of the best camera system for those aerial video shots. The Cineflex V14 High Definition camera system uses the Sony 1500. Mounted on a helicopter with a superior stabilization system, there’s no unexpected shaky footage. Every image is smooth and visually stunning.

The Cineflex Premier Ultra High Definition camera is a more enhanced version of the Cineflex V14. The Cineflex Premier includes the Red Epic Dragon camera and Canon 30-100 lens.

Available on a rental basis, check out the Space Cam 35mm and Digital Video Aerial Camera System. This system has four gyro stabilized camera systems but because of the heavy demand, customers are advised to book well in advance.


Using a helicopter in your film or video production will give your project that extra professional touch to set your shots above the competition. Cover more ground in location scouting and capture the look that you need. The Atlanta area is diverse with high gloss, ultra modern buildings downtown and lush, verdant pastoral scenes just outside the city limits. A helicopter with a safe, expert pilot at the helm can save your production crew time, energy and headaches.

FairLifts Schedules Aerial Video Production for Atlanta Films, 1-800-318-8940.