FairLifts Flies Antonio Brown to Training Camp with a Helicopter Charter

FairLifts Flies Antonio Brown to Training Camp in a Helicopter

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He’s only the highest-paid NFL wide receiver. Maybe you’ve heard of Antonio Brown, the superstar wide receiver who headlines a talented Pittsburgh Steelers squad. When he’s not catching touchdowns from future Hall of Famer Ben Roethlisberger during the offseason, Antonio Brown finds other ways to make the papers. Most recently, he arrived at the beginning of his team’s training camp in high style: via a helicopter charter! The receiver somehow found a way to again outdo himself in terms of sheer style, when he arrived through the air, with his entire family, in a world-class helicopter that got everyone talking. And when he landed, Pittsburgh Steelers social media, as well as various members of the organization, were there to publicize the exploits. You’ve likely heard of Antonio Brown, but you might remain unfamiliar with the organization behind his most recent escapade: FairLifts. It was a FairLifts helicopter charter which bridged the distance between Antonio Brown and the most recent headlines. Agent Ben Walters originally arranged for the transportation method and handled all the travel logistics en route to the training camp practice facility itself. These arrangements allowed Brown and his family to enjoy the ride, a privilege before the superstar athlete once again hits the field.

Brown himself was more than happy with the arrangement and said as much in his interviews with local media. Speaking of the aerial opportunity that he shared with his wife and his five children, Brown said: “Less driving, more convenient for the timing to get here and get ready to go.” Brown isn’t convinced that there’s a better way to arrive. “I don’t know if you can top that one,” he said. Whether you’re working to earn your team a record seven NFL Championships, or you’re simply looking to reserve a helicopter charter your next excuse for aerial adventure, this is an opportunity you’re going to want to explore. Your name doesn’t need to be Antonio Brown, a two-time NFL leader in season receptions, to take easy advantage of a wide portfolio of helicopter charter services. Thanks to a dedicated team of industry-leading flight experts, FairLifts coordinated charters have provided the nation with reliable, expedient service since its beginning. Whether it’s emergency helicopter service or a charter to and from a family reunion, a helicopter charter is ready and willing to take to the skies, at a moment’s notice. Discuss business solutions at altitude with an executive charter, or bring the entire family along for the ride like Brown. It’s an excellent opportunity to check out the many sights that pass below! No matter the outdoor climate, the temperature-controlled environment of your helicopter charter will allow for the optimal setting in your cabin. Noise-canceling headphones easily eliminate background noise, and wide windows allow you to take in the recreational venues, historic landmarks, and identifiable local staples from above the ground, no matter where you are.

Antonio, how was it? “Great.” pic.twitter.com/dz0VpMyI8p

– Sean Gentille (@seangentille) July 25, 2018

Last season, Brown made headlines when he arrived at training camp in a vintage 1931 Rolls-Royce Phantom. This season, he raised the stakes with a helicopter charter. You too can raise the stakes on your penchant for adventure, when you make transportation anywhere an unforgettable adventure. Whether you need a ride to and from a concert venue, sporting event, or private location, a helicopter charter is onsite when you need it most. Take the ride alone, or split the fare with family and friends, to share the journey with those closest to you! It’s an easy way to make an already affordable undertaking even more feasible. Get in touch with a FairLifts customer service representative today, who can answer any of your questions regarding the availability of a FairLifts affiliated helicopter charter. The affordable name in the industry provides world-class transportation, even if you catch footballs for a living!

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