Cineflex V14 HD Camera System: Top of the Line

Cineflex V14 HD Camera System: Top of the Line

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Cineflex V14 HD Camera System is a top-notch piece of equipment in the realm of videography. When attached to a helicopter, this camera can aid in creating quality films. It is a high-quality film system with a stabilizing platform for broadcast payloads. It weighs a mere 35 pounds, meaning it can be attached to a helicopter with ease.

Breaking Down the Technology

The Cineflex V14 HD Camera System has a wide range of features. A few of these include stabilization known as 5-axis advanced gyro-stabilization, a lock known as the VectorSteeringTM, and continuous zoom X10.

While a pilot is flying with the camera, there is in-flight calibration that adjusts automatically. It can be used either inverted or standard when attached to a platform.

Taking a Look at the Picture thru the CINEFLEX V14 HD

The technology completely eliminates noise in the video that ensures a quality finished product. A variety of different lens can be attached, creating unique videos. The camera system can rotate at 360 degrees. The camera system can operate at airspeeds of 200 knots.

The camera system can function in a variety of different temperatures, ranging from hot to cold. It can endure 122 degrees Fahrenheit and survive cold temperatures of negative four degrees.

How the Cineflex V14 Camera System Works With Helicopters And Other Specifics

The Cineflex V14 HD camera system operates on a variety of different helicopters. A few known helicopters it is compatible with include:

  • 407 Bell 505 EC-120
  • Robinson R44/R66
  • Cessna 172/206
  • AS 350
  • 355 Bell 206

This is not an all-encompassing list-the camera system is available with other aircrafts.

Options for the payload and camera include:

  • Ikegami HDL-F300 Low-Light
  • Canon ME20F-SH Low-Light
  • Sony HDC-P1 & HDC-P43
  • NEC NC-H1200S

Quality With the Cineflex V14HD

This camera system operates at a higher quality than many other systems in the market. The main feature is the stabilizers that produce precision filming. The company boasts of its user-friendly ability and the amount of control the camera has from the way it can be controlled, tilted, paned, and rolled.

Some of the lens options on the Cineflex V14 HD camera system include the Canon HJ series HD/4K, Fujinon HA series HD/4K. Other lenses are also available.

Film Production

Camera systems-not just the Cineflex V14 HD camera system-are vital for film productions. This can include a variety of endeavors for a variety of different purposes. A few of these include commercials, films (independent or commercial), or for other business endeavors.

A trained helicopter pilot and experienced crew can assist with filming in various regions around the United States. FairLifts reserves various helicopter services, including aerial photography, videography, and surveys. FairLifts is connected to a wide network of pilots and crews across the globe for all of your needs.

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