Helicopter Support for the Wind Industry

Fair Lifts Helicopter Services

In recent years, the growth of the wind turbine industry has spiked dramatically. The search for a reusable, affordable energy source has been a very popular topic around the world. It is no surprise that these giant wind turbines require specific maintenance that can be difficult to execute. A majority of wind turbines are located in areas that are hard to reach, such as rural fields and off the coast.

Helicopters in the Wind Turbine Industry

Airbus specifically developed a logistics calculator for wind farm operators. Other wind energy companies are renting helicopters to transport materials for maintenance. There are numerous ways that helicopters can be beneficial to the wind industry. For example, there are new technologies that allow helicopters to also be hired to pressure wash the blades of wind turbines.

A helicopter can cover 40 nautical miles in approximately 20 minutes, making them more efficient than any other transport vessel that is used. Traveling by helicopter also eliminates the possibility that your technicians get seasick with rough waters that tend to surround offshore wind turbines. These helicopters, in comparison to other transportation methods, is affordable, and more efficient. They are easily accessible with the help of FairLifts.

Our vast network of helicopters and operators allows us to strategically select the best of the best for your wind turbine operations. Whether you just need back-and-forth transport, heavy lifts, or maintenance support, FairLifts are the people you need to call!

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