Most Common Uses for Helicopters

Fair Lifts Helicopter Services

History of Helicopters

Derived from the French word hélicoptère, helicopters are a type of rotorcraft in which lift, and thrust is supplied by rotors. The rotorcraft has been strategically designed to function in areas where fixed-wing aircraft cannot.


Depending on the specific design and build of the helicopter, these aircraft can be utilized in numerous market segments, making them universally useful in most scenarios. From emergency services to personal sightseeing, FairLifts are the helicopter experts you can count on!

Emergency Services

One of the main functions of helicopters tends to be search and rescue operations. Particularly in areas that are hard to reach otherwise. The police and military utilize helicopter services in order to perform necessary tasks whether that may include natural disaster relief, salvage, or government assistance.

Environmental Services

Proudly involved in natural disaster relief, our partnered operators have years of experience with aerial fire fighting, crop protection, and pest prevention for all of your environmental or agricultural needs!

We have the ability to put you in contact with the most experienced pilots and operators that you need to get your job done!

Construction Services

Pipelines inspections are required to be routine by the Department of Transportation. Pipeline patrol pilots are trained to detect anomalies along the pipelines and can deliver GPS-encoded images that can be immediately analyzed.

Pipeline surveys are only the beginning of the construction services that we can organize. We can also assist you in planning your tower construction, pole installation, wire stringing, and much more!

Transportation Services

Whether you need assistance in transporting yourself in a corporate helicopter or need to transport large, heavy equipment, FairLifts are the specialists that can help!

We offer hotel and airport pick-up and drop-off. However, we specialize in the installation and positioning of HVAC units among other utility jobs.

Get Started Sooner Rather Than Later!

Of all of the services that FairLifts can offer, our number one priority is safety! All of our operators are experienced, licensed, and certified. We strive to ensure that we provide exceptional concierge service for every mission we are presented.

Our team members excel at providing incredibly informative information with regard to the variety of services we can arrange for you!

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