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Whether you are in Manhattan for business or pleasure, getting across the city on time can be a hassle. New York City has perfect placement, just a short flight away from a lot of other major cities. By letting FairLifts arrange your helicopter charter, we can cut your travel time significantly. You will experience the privacy and convenience of arriving at your destination quickly. Soaring over the traffic jams and noises gives you the time to relax in quiet that you would not otherwise experience.

Our top-of-the-line aircraft are equipped with temperature control cabins, comfortable seating, and complementary, noise-canceling headphones. You will get to experience New York from a completely different perspective. If you would prefer, you can customize your experience! Want pictures of the Statue of Liberty? No problem! Empire State Building? We can do it! Charters double as sight-seeing tours! When we say these experiences are fully customizable, we mean fully.

Popular New York City Helicopter Charter Destinations.


Frequently visited airports near New York City

No matter where you are, how many people you have with you, or how much baggage you have, we can get you to your destination without breaking your bank. Our network of aircraft and operators allows us to tailor the charter service to perfectly suit your needs within a budget. Not to mention, we don’t have any hidden fees! We automatically calculate all landing and operation fees into the price you are given, so you experience transparency from the beginning! We manage all of the logistics while saving your time and reducing your stress! With FairLifts, we take pride in providing exceptional service.

From the first phone call, you will be in the hands of the experts who put your worries at ease. Even if you are planning to propose, we can make special arrangements with our operators that will make the experience one that you will cherish forever. There is not a job too big or too small. From tours to utility helicopter construction, FairLifts has an aerial solution for you But, as summer comes barrelling around the corner, these charters tend to get booked up! Don’t wait any longer. Spice up your vacation with a helicopter charter out of New York City!

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