Helicopter Pipeline Inspections in California

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Take advantage of what nationally acclaimed oil and natural gas companies already know: the quickest distance between your organization and a successful pipeline survey is a FairLifts’ reserved helicopter.

Put some distance between yourself and your oil or natural gas territory, to survey the entirety of your property from an unrivaled angle in the sky. It’s a vantage point that allows you an unprecedented perspective of your land, for comparison and problem-solving purposes.

Before 2018 will conclude, an approximate 4,600 miles of new pipeline will be installed. With this much growth within a single calendar year, innovative pipeline surveys prove by and large the simplest, safest survey solution for your oil or natural gas property. And with so many benefits associated with a helicopter pipeline survey, your entire experience is more than worth the initial investment. It’s a pipeline survey experience you can trust, backed by experienced agencies.

Now, it’s easier than ever before to provide tours of your property, with a helicopter pipeline survey solution in California. Whether you’re introducing a new hire to a job property, or you’re displaying the location for investors or management, you can allow for sweeping comparisons and aerial tours in a moment’s notice. No matter when you need to schedule that pipeline survey or a holistic tour of the entire property in California, a FairLifts reserved solution is the efficient, effective answer your business deserves.

Helicopters also lend unprecedented maneuverability and access to your property. Given the fact that pipelines are often constructed in hard-to-reach locations, and locations characterized by restricted access, a helicopter is by far the most efficient method by which to reach these locations. For those moments when your pipeline survey requires a personal inspection, you can take the helicopter down to the ground in only a few seconds. Your helicopter can also hover over regions that have particular problems, for a closer inspection and analysis.

Oil pump inspection in Bakersfield, California

Oil pump inspection in Bakersfield, California

Affiliated pilots routinely perform pipeline surveys, and therefore understand the complete job description, concerning everything that makes for a world-class experience. Pilots can easily personalize your pipeline survey according to your specifications, and can also perform the complete extent of the services listed below:

  • Erosion inspections
  • Exposed pipeline analysis
  • Required signage location
  • Spill and leak identification
  • Vegetation encroachment

Helicopters are also equipped with various image-capturing options, both for photos and high-definition video. This way, you can replay your California pipeline survey from the comfort of your home or office. Footage also allows you to pay particular attention to one aspect of the pipeline survey while the aircraft is in-flight, with the confidence that you can always inspect other elements after the survey reaches its conclusion.

Rest assured that while you’re in-flight, helicopters also take particular notice of your amenities. A temperature-controlled cabin allows you comfort while the helicopter is in the sky, and noise-canceling headphones can easily deaden the noise of the rotors above. Given the fact that a mal-performing pipeline can affect the productivity of your pipeline by up to 15%, these amenities provide one more reason why a pipeline survey in California is the easy answer to your pipeline anomalies. You know that your pipeline will require regular analysis and surveying; now, a better option provides you with pipeline survey provisions and amenities alike.

Don’t wait another second before booking a helicopter pipeline survey today! A customer service representative is always on-hand and can answer all of your questions. You can also fill out a quick form on our contact page, and expect a timely response within 24 hours. In California, large regions of the Golden State have oil and natural gas to thank for productivity. Don’t risk losing or compromising the lifeblood of your area; instead, allow your livelihood to exist in perpetuity, with a well-deserved pipeline survey in California by helicopter.

Call 1-800-318-8940, to survey your California pipelines in record time!