Helicopter Relief for Gulf Shores, Alabama and Surrounding Areas

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Gulf Shores, Alabama is no stranger to hurricanes. Hurricane Ivan wreaked havoc on the area back in 2004. Since that time no major hurricanes have hit, but it still helps to be prepared and to know how aerial efforts can assist you when a hurricane comes.

In 2018, the time of year known as hurricane season started on June 1. The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) even officially declared a week in May as Hurricane Preparedness Week. Out of the four hurricanes that were supposed to go through Alabama, none of them hit the ground, and all of them were downgraded to storms. The last major hurricane to hit Alabama was Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

But just because there has not been an official hurricane in Gulf Shores, Alabama recently, that does not mean some of the other storms have not caused damage to the region.

Helicopter Hurricane and Storm Relief

Hurricane relief efforts can come in all different forms. One way to help alleviate the damage from hurricanes is by helicopters. Helicopters prove to be a vital asset when storms hit and provide crucial emergency rescue efforts, can survey the damage from above to get an accurate depiction of how much damage has occurred and can transport personnel to crucial locations. A helicopter also provides a means of escape for those needing to get out of the area because of danger present (either before or afterward) such as flash flooding after a hurricane.

Helicopter Surveys

When a storm or hurricane hits the area, it is important to know the extent of the damages. Often it is not safe to travel on the ground after a massive storm due to the damage and flooding of the area. Not to mention, collecting accurate data from the ground is more difficult. A helicopter can survey the town and determine information such as how many houses are totaled, how many houses are damaged and get an accurate picture of the damage.

Search and Rescue Helicopters

A helicopter can prove crucial in the aftermath of a major storm in the Gulf Shores of Alabama. Often not everybody evacuates the area in time. This may leave people stranded with no way to escape. If a loved one is missing, a helicopter can search the area for them and assist in time-sensitive rescue efforts.

Emergency Lifts and Transportation

If a helicopter finds a person in perilous danger after a storm, it has the capability of bringing them to safety. Also, if a person is injured and needs to fly to a hospital for treatment, a helicopter can provide this quickly and transport an injured person to the nearest hospital heliport.

A helicopter is also capable of transporting sensitive cargo away from a storm area. Due to a helicopter’s lift capabilities, it can lift important heavy equipment to safety or other sensitive cargo that requires transportation to escape the severe weather.

No Matter the Emergency, FairLifts is Here to Help

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