2018 World Series Helicopter Charter

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The 2018 World Series, scheduled to begin on October 23, is Major League Baseball’s premier event. Also known as the Fall Classic, the World Series will feature this year’s winners of the American League championship and the National League championship in a best-of-seven playoff for the Commissioner’s Trophy. Although the host city is yet to be determined, one thing is certain, record-breaking crowds are expected to cheer on both teams. In order to ensure you arrive comfortably and on time, book a 2018 World Series Helicopter Charter or shuttle through FairLifts.

FairLifts has a top-notch team of customer service agents who can help you plan and schedule a flight for your party, as well as any other services you may need, such as flights to the World Series or hotel reservations. Your concierge will be with you every step of the way to ensure your helicopter charter to the games goes off without a hitch. Fly directly from your location downtown to near to the stadium within minutes aboard a VIP helicopter shuttle and be seated in the stands with a cool drink in your hand well before the games begin.

Beat the Heat and Traffic

Last year, World Series ticket holders endured temperatures of 103 degrees as they made their way through traffic in Los Angeles. Most fans were agonizing in gridlock for over three hours before reaching the stadium. Rather than spend your day listening to car horns blaring and praying that you arrive on time, enjoy fast, exclusive access to the baseball stadium with a 2018 World Series helicopter charter.

FairLifts will help you arrange an exclusive helicopter pick-up and drop-off that entails limited travel time that can be enjoyed from the air in the company of friends rather than in a cramped car on the road. Leave your hotel at your leisure and board an exclusive helicopter shuttle that will transport you safely high above the crowded city streets and bumper-to-bumper traffic to the entrance of the stadium.

Breathtaking View from Above

Part of the experience of attending the World Series is enjoying the host city while you’re there. Helicopter charters booked through FairLifts provide awe-inspiring views of the skyline and surrounding landscape. Comfortably seated hundreds of feet in the air, you’ll marvel at the sights as you glide over the city. A great opportunity to capture some unforgettable photographs of the stadium as you fly over that you can share with family and friends on social media.

So make your reservations now. Experienced FairLifts agents are standing by to assist you with all your 2018 World Series transportation and accommodation needs. Make a once-in-a-lifetime event truly unforgettable with a VIP helicopter charter that provides the comfort and style you expect to enjoy the year’s most anticipated baseball event. A first-rate team of helicopter pilots is on hand to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

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