Helicopter Charters to the 2018 Hollywood Casino 400 Take Race Day Fun to the Ultimate Level!

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Helicopter Charters to the 2018 Hollywood Casino 400!

Get in on all the action and never miss out on amazing Monster Cup Series moments when you book a helicopter charter to the 2018 Hollywood Casino 400. The race will take place on October 21st at the Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, Kansas and is expected to draw fans from all over the world. Look into Helicopter Charters to the 2018 Hollywood Casino 400!

The Kansas Speedway is relatively new to the racing circuit and was built in the same year that it hosted its first-ever NASCAR cup series event, in 2001. The 1.5-mile oval track currently is host to two total NASCAR sponsored event weekends.

Anyone who has ever been to Kansas knows it fairly easy to get around, except for on race weekend, that is. Let’s face it, with the state being smack dab in the middle of the US it will take practically the same amount of time for anyone, anywhere to drive there regardless of their original destination. This means every major thoroughfare coming into the city will be utterly packed with NASCAR fans. Your best bet is to avoid that mess altogether and book a helicopter charter to the speedway.

If you fly high enough, you may be able to snap a pretty cool photograph of the traffic converging on the city in all directions, it will probably look like a wagon wheel of sorts. Post that on social media and it’s guaranteed to go viral because you’ll be the only lucky person with the vantage point to get that shot!

Helicopter Charters to the 2018 Hollywood Casino 400 Take Race Day Fun to the Ultimate Level!

Helicopter Charter to the 2018 Hollywood Casino 400

Exclusive helicopter charters can be arranged in a variety of ways to make it easy for you to get to the speedway and back again without any hindrance to your other weekend plans. For one way transport, you can either hook up with the helicopter on a rooftop or heliport and fly to the race or fly back, it’s up to you. Should you prefer round-trip transport, you can meet up under the same circumstance and will fly back to the same location to meet your car.

Helicopter charters can be booked for the entire weekend, for daily use on specific days or for transport to specific race day events. Or, and this is just how amazing and versatile booking helicopter charters through FairLifts is, you can reserve exclusive helicopter charters and coordinate ground transport options too, like motor coaches, vans or luxury vehicles. We know, it’s awesome!

Kansas City International Airport is a major player in the aviation world with millions of passengers flying into it daily. You can fly in from anywhere in the world and a helicopter charter can be arranged to carry you from the airport to close to your place of accommodation, too and then on to the race!

Helicopter charters to the 2018 Hollywood Casino 400 are all about your convenience and getting to race sponsored or local race weekend events on time and in the most relaxed state of mind possible. This is easily achieved by booking your helicopter charter now so you won’t be hurried to do so as the October race date nears.

Already picked up your ticket to the 2018 Hollywood Casino 400? That’s okay, surprise friends and family by booking a helicopter shuttle to get to the race without any hang-ups or delays.

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