Leonardo Teams Up with Italian Manufacturer in Helicopter Technology

Leonardo Teams Up with Italian Manufacturer in Helicopter Technology

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An Italian-based aviation company is looking to expand their helicopter expertise with future helicopters in the making. The company is hoping to reduce noise and vibrations on future helicopters while pairing up with a new manufacturer. The name of this endeavor is “comfort.”

Leonardo, who changed their name in 2015, is an Italian aerospace group. Politecnico de Milano, a manufacturer of parts for the helicopters, will team up with Leonardo. Politecnico de Milano is said to help produce “innovative mechanical components based on new materials.”

Politecnico de Milano has a vision of improving mechanical systems by simplifying them to a “single flexible component, rather than a complex mechanical system.”

Leonardo‘s goal, according to their website, is to combine luxury and technology. Their website states, “This is the successful combination of a helicopter for private and executive transport missions.”

According to the company’s website, its experience in the helicopter market originates in the 1970s. Its best seller is the A109, which led to other helicopter models.

Comfort is said to improve helicopters on three fronts. With top-notch technology, it will improve the ease of maintenance as well as satellite tracking systems and providing information about the terrain a helicopter is flying around.

Research has gone into the production of the helicopter‘s rotor and structure. An AW139 helicopter was used as a “reference point” for this research. According to Leonardo, the amount of vibration and internal noise will significantly diminish.

Aside from these advantages of the research conducted, Leonardo also expects production costs to decline because of the new mechanical components and the lighter materials involved in the production.

By reducing noise and vibration inside the helicopter, pilot workload can be reduced,” Leonardo said. “Search and rescue tasks are easier, and the quality of medical treatment in air ambulances is improved.”

More research is set to be underway by the end of 2018 in regards to the maintenance of specific helicopters.

Politecnico is also manufacturing the geo-information tools with the help of the Italian Space Agency and Telespazio – a joint company of Leonardo and Thales (a French group). The geo-information tools will help with agriculture and emergency services.

The expansion of technology is scheduled to continue for years to come.

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