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Certified: What Industries Can I Work in With a Helicopter Pilot License?

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When people think of helicopter piloting as a career, they often assume that the job entails nothing more than simply flying various model aircraft to and from locations throughout the world. Well, you know what they say about assuming?

As a matter of fact, professional helicopter pilots are responsible for several things, including the obvious. Helicopter pilots are the party responsible for the safety and effective performance of the crew working alongside them. They additionally need to be possessed of the capability to check and remedy any nuances in information regarding cargo and passenger manifests. They have to remain weather aware at all times and can be able to proficiently assess the workings of their aircraft to ensure that it’s suitable to fly on any given day. They may even be expected to attend to a load of paperwork by the keeping of accurate flight documentation in compliance with regulatory bodies like the FAA and for their employers as well.

And, even though helicopter pilots seem to inspire a stigma that sees them as the more controversial and rowdier set of aviationist, they will need to maintain good standing in their communities in which they are employed and stay out of trouble with law enforcement. Furthermore, they have to be able to pass a physical exam on a regular basis.

Given all of these requirements, it’s a wonder anyone would be interested in becoming a professional helicopter pilot , cause it sounds like no fun at all. Wait, though, we mentioned the flying part, right? This is where the magic is. For those who have always dreamt of piloting a helicopter, there’s nothing like it and they couldn’t imagine themselves doing anything else.

That said, there is still a shortage of helicopter pilots and yet the need for professional pilots of their kind is growing at exponential rates. Especially within the industrial sectors. This provides an excellent opportunity for those prospective pilots to get in on an amazing time in aviation history.

It’s well known that people generally want to pursue commercial airline piloting to have access to flying large airliners for major airlines, to visit countries all over the world and to potentially garner the massive salaries that top tier pilots earn. Thing is, no one ever tells you how hard that is to achieve. There are piloting programs training potential airplane pilots right and left and the helicopter industry is left wanting. This delivers the chance for future helicopter pilots to get through their certification and start work right away with global leaders in the industry while the airplane pilots are still preoccupied with competing for their lucrative spots.

Furthermore, helicopter pilots, too, enjoy some of the same privileges as airplane pilots. They have the chance to travel the globe and make a pretty good living and can work in many industries each separately delivering its compelling reason to consider working for them.

Still not convinced, take a peek below at the growing list of exciting industries looking to hire helicopter pilots right now:

  • Emergency Services
  • Pipeline Patrol/Utility Inspection
  • Oil and Gas industry transport
  • Helicopter Tours and Charters
  • Logging and Timber harvesting industry
  • Bush Piloting
  • Heavy-lift/ External Loads/Construction and Development
  • Border Patrol
  • Local, State or Federal Law Enforcement
  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

This is only a few of the fields licensed helicopter pilots can find work in. If you think you have what it takes to work as a professional helicopter pilot, don’t wait, start your training today.