Helicopter Charters to

Indianapolis Motor Speedway


Helicopter Charters to

Indianapolis Motor Speedway


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Get to the track first!

When the races come to Indianapolis Motor Speedway, you can bet the city overfills with traffic and of course race fans from all walks of life. But for those true fans, getting to the track means more than just seeing the race and not just for the Indy 500, it means being there for nearly every race including the pre-race concerts and driver introductions on time and ready to see the green flag and checkered flags take their turn to wave.

But what happens when the traffic is so bad on W. 16th that you arrive late? Or the parking spots run out? What happens when you can’t leave your house until later and you know you are facing a huge delay? You could miss an event like the incredible win of Dan Wheldon in 2011. What if we told you we have the solution?

With a helicopter charter to Indianapolis Motor Speedway, FairLifts can guarantee your on-time or early arrival without having to leave your home a day early. No parking worries, no chances to miss the major race events and no rush in leaving the post-race celebrations. In a matter of minutes, you can make it to the raceway and have an amazing experience above the city as well and it is all made possible with a raceday helicopter shuttle or custom charter.

We, at FairLifts, are experienced professionals with the specialized knowledge needed to make every flight convenient, comfortable and memorable. Whether you are flying for a race or another event, alone or with a group, we have the right aircraft and accommodations for you. FairLifts partners with only the most professional operators in the world which allows us to offer a more diverse range of aircraft and customized flights than our competitors and everyone loves options.

With the ability to fly on your schedule, from a place close to home or even directly from the airport that you fly into, you won’t miss a thing on race day! FairLifts makes all the difference in scheduling convenience and more.

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Helicopter Charter to Indianapolis Motor Speedway Helicopter Charter to Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The Famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway

IMS was originally envisioned by an Indianapolis businessman, Carl G. Fisher following his experience with racing in Europe, specifically France. Mr.Fisher wanted the United States to hold more of a stake in the racing design and craftsmanship he had seen overseas. The track began construction in March of 1909 and was initially planned to be a 3 mile oval with a 2-mile road course. However, after much speculation, Fisher decided to downsize that plan to leave room for the track’s grandstand.

The first event held at Indianapolis Motor Speedway was a helium gas-filled hot air balloon competition that took place on June 5, 1909, a full two months prior to the oval’s completion. As far as the first motorsport competition is concerned, motorcycles raced the track first as part of an event supported by the Federation of American Motorcyclists (FAM). Although the race was slotted for two days, it was called off early due to a concern for the suitability of the track surface for motorcycle use. The next big event took place on August 19th of that same year when 15 car-makers teams arrived to utilize the track for practice runs.

The first day saw four finishes and two land speed records but concerns over safety led the AAA to consider canceling the rest of the event. Fisher responded by promising the track repairs to be done by the following day. 20,000 spectators showed up for that next day’s race, no major incidents were reported and additional records were broken. The grand finale was held on day three which thirty-five thousand fans showed up for.

Racing events increased after Tony George inherited the track after 1993. Initially, the track only held the Indy 500. However, in August of '94, the NASCAR Brickyard 400 made it’s debut at the track offering the largest cash prize in NASCAR history in front of the largest crowd in the history as well.

Today, the track features enough room to hold over 200,000 race fans and is considered the home of racing as we currently know it.

Come to play and stay all day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway!

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Indianapolis Motor Speedway Helicopter Shuttle Indianapolis Motor Speedway Helicopter Shuttle

Why take a helicopter charter to Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

We could go on and on about the benefits. Famous drivers have had their own helicopters and NASCAR provides helicopters for use by drivers and VIPs exclusively, do you know why? Because it is the fastest way to get you to the races. We like fast, so do you or you wouldn’t be a race fan. So do like the drivers do and get on a helicopter for your next travel to the track!

Skip Traffic

Maybe you like sitting in traffic or enjoy the time it takes to get to the raceway during race season. If that is the case then a helicopter would only serve as a cool way to get to the race and a fantastic view. However, if sitting in traffic isn’t your cup of tea, then taking a helicopter charter to Indianapolis Motor Speedway can serve as a convenient and stress-free way to get to the race without having to leave extremely early. Within a matter of minutes, our partnering pilot can pick you up and get you there in enough time to enjoy everything that IMS has to offer pre and post race!

No Parking

Paid parking is offered as on a first come-first served basis and pre-reservation at the speedway. This means that even if you wait in traffic for hours and finally make it to the parking lot, you take a chance that space might not even be available for you. Then you will face having to pay inflated parking costs miles away or have to take one of the cramped shuttle buses to the gate. Skip all of that with a helicopter charter. Leave the parking up to your pilot and don’t pay extra again!

Stay Late / Arrive Early

Missing an important event at a race can mean missing a memorable moment, a newsworthy appearance and more. Don’t miss a thing when you charter a helicopter with FairLifts. Your itinerary will be planned according to the racing schedule to allow for you to have plenty of time before and after the race to see celebrations, participate in pit activities and more. You don’t want to have to hear about something amazing happening while you weren’t there and neither do we which is why all flights to and from the raceway happen before the race begins and after the race has concluded.

Group Pricing: Split the bill

The more the merrier is what helicopter charters are all about. Reserving a helicopter to take you to the race means that you can split the cost with friends or guests or even other race fans you have yet to meet! Conversely, if you want the whole helicopter to yourself we can also plan solo flights as well. Enjoy your time in the sky, FairLifts will schedule the right helicopter to take any size group!

One way and round trip flights

Do you need a helicopter to pick you up from the airport or deliver you to closer to your hotel? FairLifts can arrange that. With one way flights and round trip shuttles you pick and choose how you want your transport. If you have friends at the raceway you will be staying with schedule a one-way flight or if you want a helicopter charter to be available for the entire racing weekend, let us know! The options are nearly endless!

The checkered flag waits for no one.
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Indianapolis Motor Speedway Helicopter Shuttle Indianapolis Motor Speedway Helicopter Shuttle

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Current Racing Schedule

A helicopter charter to Indianapolis Motor Speedway doesn’t just have to be for racing. The raceway hosts many events throughout the year including the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon, USAC quarter midget races and the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. However, if you are only interested in the races held there here is a look at their current races:

Verizon IndyCar Series
Indianapolis 500-Mile Race
Grand Prix of Indianapolis

Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series
Big Machine Vodka 400 at the Brickyard

NASCAR Xfinity Series
Lilly Diabetes 250

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