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Corpus Christi Helicopter Lifts


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It should go without saying that helicopter services are the best when it comes to assisting in lifting, transfers and quick response time. Helicopters can fly to, hover over and land nearly anywhere which makes them the most versatile in getting the job done, even more so than trucks, freighters and traditional cranes. By speaking to FairLifts, you have the ability to leave all of the logistical details to professionals who are experienced in a wide variety of industries. From agricultural assistance, emergency response, executive charters and more our team is comprised of those who haven’t just “been trained” to assist you, they have also assisted many clients like you and can therefore offer you the best option to fit your need and budget.

Corpus Christi helicopter lifts can be arranged for many different projects and like each of our clients, we have come to know that every project is unique and must be handled differently. From arranging the flight, pilot and right helicopter to organizing ground crew if needed and additional options for shipments or loading and landing, our agents will plan your lift down to the very last detail.

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Helicopter Services in the “Sparkling City by the Sea”

Corpus Christi is a booming city often visited by those vacationing on the gorgeous beaches. But what FairLifts can provide those residents dna businesses in Corpus Christi is so much more than that. When boaters are in need helicopters can be dispatched along the coast. When oil rigs need crews delivered or additional parts for repairs, helicopters can be sent on a heavy lift mission to assist them. Even when pipeline needs to be delivered or repairs made as was seen after the dredge crash in April of 2018, a helicopter was sent by the Coast Guard to assist with that. FairLifts representatives can have a helicopter dispatched within only a few short hours to where work crews or companies need them. Wildlife surveys, powerline patrols, cattle herding and more can be done with the helicopter services in Corpus Christi.

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Helicopter Services We Offer To Corpus Christi

FairLifts provides the connection between helicopter operators and clients needed to get the job done. We partner with thousands of independent operators worldwide who come together to form the largest network of aircraft, pilots and operators in the country. While we do offer an array of different helicopter services, all projects are welcome. If you do not see the type of project you need assistance with in the list below, feel free to call us and we will discuss a customized charter for your unique job.

Corpus Christi Construction Helicopter Services - Corpus Christi Helicopter Lift Solutions

Construction Helicopter Lifts

Construction helicopters are used by construction companies, major corporations and independent contractors. Helicopters can be scheduled to lift materials to new sites, provide clean up of waste, lift and place beams as well as finish up projects with the lifting of AC units or antenna to the tops of buildings.

Corpus Christi Heavy Lift Helicopters - Corpus Christi Helicopter Lift Solutions

Heavy Lifting Helicopters

Heavy lifting is simple with helicopters. In places that crews cannot access or when there are unexpected heavy objects needing to be lifted, a heavy lift helicopter is deployed. They can provide crew transport while carrying the heavy machinery needed for the site work or even lift large objects like downed trees or power lines.

Corpus Christi Helicopter Freight & Cargo Conveyance - Corpus Christi Helicopter Lift Solutions

Freight / Cargo

Shipping a short distance or to a remote location is often carried out by helicopter. If you need a new piece of equipment and you are working in a location traditional vehicles cannot access, your only real option is the use of a helicopter. For last minute short flights, helicopters can deliver cargo/freight much quicker than a larger aircraft especially when factoring in flight processes.

Corpus Christi Air Ambulance & Emergency Services - Corpus Christi Helicopter Lift Solutions

Emergency Helicopters

Emergencies can mean different things to different people. For instance, helicopters can be used in natural disasters, for search and rescue, and for the delivery of important life-saving medicines and cargo. Emergencies can also mean your aircraft is down and you need assistance (AOG operations). But last minute or urgent charters can be deployed for agricultural services as well, to defrost, feed, water and even survey land, wildlife and crops.

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