Helicopter Airport Transfers: Save Time Traveling to the Airport

Helicopter Airport Transfers: Save Time Traveling to the Airport

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Helicopter airport transfers have often been viewed as only a luxury for those who can afford private air travel. However, in recent years and with the future of helicopter taxis that we have seen announced by companies such as Uber and Bell, the forecast for these services looks to be a constant growth. But does it really make a difference to take a helicopter to and from the airport or is the benefit really in simply driving there?

Helicopter Airport Transfers Save Time

When factoring the difference helicopters can make in terms of traveling to the airport as opposed to driving, the biggest difference is in the amount of time it saves. Most of us have to pre-plan our travel itinerary to and from the airport several hours in advance. We understand that if we are traveling during peak times for high traffic coupled with the congestion that always surrounds getting into the airport translates to 3-4 hours spent in the car. Even then, we risk missing our flight once we factor in the time it now takes to go through some TSA points. So how do we avoid this? Well flying over the traffic sounds like the best bet.

Helicopters have a fantastic versatility that puts them above all other forms of air travel in that they can land nearly anywhere and for those people living near or close to a small airport, large landing space or in a major city, this makes for a pretty convenient option. A helicopter can land near your home or at a rooftop helipad close by to pick you up and deliver you over all of those angry drivers on their way to the airport cutting your travel time down by nearly 35%. What might typically take you three hours can be cut down to less than an hour and you don’t have to search for a parking spot. Simply land at the airport, de-plane and walk right in.

Helicopter Airport Transfers Can Be Made Anywhere

You read that right. Anywhere. As we had covered before, if you live in an area that a helicopter charter can reach, it can provide a safe, comfortable and fast transport to the airport. The same goes for delivery from the airport as well. Simply let the agency making your reservations know you are in need of a helicopter from the airport as well and one will be waiting for you when you land.

But what about cost?

This is another major factor. To be honest, the amount you will be saving in time on the road letting your car use up all of your gas makes the cost of the helicopter transfer nearly nothing. Time is money. This is especially the case for people traveling often and those corporations needing executive flights. When you travel several times a month, you can make up for the amount of gas you are using, to and from the airport with the travel time it takes using a helicopter.

Future of helicopter airport transfers

As we had mentioned before, several large companies will begin using helicopters and autonomous aircraft to assist clients in traveling all over major cities. So what does this mean for people wanting to take a helicopter to the airport? Well, more aircraft available for one. Not only that but the convenience of scheduling straight through an application can also cut some time you may have used on the phone to an agent. As these services have not begun operation the next best option is to schedule your helicopter airport transfer using an experienced agency such as FairLifts. We can provide same-day scheduling for those needing last-minute flights or advanced reservations. Simply let us know where you are and where you need to be and we will reserve you a spot on a luxury helicopter in your area!

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