Reach the 2019 Las Vegas Electric Daisy Carnival by Helicopter

Reach the 2019 Las Vegas Electric Daisy Carnival by Helicopter

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For most, lifelong memories fashioned while airborne in a state-of-the-art helicopter will remain a dream. For you, it’s a reality that’s only an easy decision in the making. Render the distance between yourself and unrivaled thrill a short one, when you elect to employ a helicopter for your trip to the skies and back! Welcome to the affordable, superior alternative to traditional vehicle travel, the only option that allows you to skip traffic and arrive whenever you feel like it.

Forget purchasing a parking pass, and forego long lines of cars; you’ve arrived at the superior air transportation solution, befitting of your time at the 2019 Electric Daisy Carnival. When it’s time to upgrade your quality of transportation given the importance of the dynamic event itself, it’s time to get ahold of a helicopter, to expedite the complete extent of your arrival and departure needs.

A dynamic, aerial experience

The 2019 Electric Daisy Carnival truly proves an event entirely unlike any other. You’ll find yourself the privileged witness of the very best that this planet has to offer in terms of authentic, electronic dance music. This is your chance to elevate your expectations, concerning the electric music genre at large. Together with some of the industry’s hottest recording artists, the 2019 Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, Nevada aims to effectively upgrade on the already world-class experience which previous years’ installments offered. Visitors and locals alike make this a celebratory musical event like none you’ve ever experienced.

Regularly frequented by many of the biggest names across the electronic music genre, this Can’t-miss event deserves can’t-miss transportation. You can fashion memories of the Las Vegas skies set to last you a lifetime when you provide yourself views of the surrounding location that most event-goers will only dream about. You’ll also be allowed the luxury of arriving and departing at a time most convenient for you, so you can remain on the grounds and take in every second of the experience. It’s the luxury of time that only a FairLifts helicopter charter can provide you.

Now, you can make an affordable destination experience even more economically feasible, when you bring family or friends along for the ride in the skies. Allow those closest to you to get in on the aerial experience, and split the flat fare for an endeavor everyone will always remember. Temperature-controlled cabins make for a thoroughly first-class riding package, and noise-canceling headphones help to block out the noise of the rotors overhead.

You’ll also find yourself soaring high over America’s unofficial entertainment epicenter. This opportunity means that you’ll be able to catch sight of so many of Las Vegas‘ beloved sights, including attractions like the Bellagio Fountains, MGM Grand and Stratosphere Casino, together with everything that characterizes the Las Vegas strip as entirely unforgettable. All in all, it’s a privileged ride in the skies, under some of the country’s foremost sights and sounds.

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Don’t wait another second before choosing to book a helicopter transportation package to the 2019 Electric Carnival in Las Vegas. Rates have never been this affordable, and you’re going to want to reserve first-class helicopter transportation through an expert helicopter pilot before all of the spots’ for this year’s event have been sold out. There’s never been a better time to get in contact with one of our dedicated customer service associates, who can answer any questions regarding the specifics of the transportation itself; our agents can also answer all outstanding inquiries that you may have! FairLifts customer service experts will even go as far as to help you with all of your travel logistics, to make for a memorable, easy stay from the onset of your visit to Las Vegas, through its fulfilling conclusion.

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