Helicopter Support for Hurricanes in Tampa, Florida

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Florida and severe weather are no strangers. Florida is a state where many hurricanes and tropical storms pass through. While Tampa Bay, FL, has not experienced a severe hurricane in a while, the city still experiences a fair share of severe weather warnings. The Tampa Bay Hurricane of 1921 has been the last hurricane to strike the area of a major capacity. A total of eight people lost their lives, and $10 million of damage occurred.

According to AccuWeather, Tampa Bay is one of the five most vulnerable cities to Hurricanes in the entire United States. The ranking was based on 126 years of hurricane data collected.

Helicopter Relief

Helicopters can provide important hurricane relief. A helicopter offers the advantage of performing safe and quick hurricane relief efforts. There are many ways a helicopter can help those suffering from hurricanes or other severe weather. A helicopter can perform a vital search and rescue mission, survey an area to analyze the extent of damage that occurred, provide emergency lift services, transport people to where they need to go and take aerial photography or videography. A helicopter’s view from above and the ability to hover makes it the perfect emergency response machine in a variety of circumstances.

Aerial Surveys

As mentioned before, a helicopter’s ability to hover above the ground offers a great viewpoint advantage. After a hurricane hits, a helicopter can be used to look at the ground below, determine the full extent of the damage, and even provide insight into future dangers after the storm such as flooding. All of this is done safely because the helicopter is in the sky and it does not endanger a ground crew.

Aerial Photography & Videography

As many news outlets are aware, a helicopter can take photographs and videos of footage after a hurricane. In many instances, aerial photography and videography via helicopter played a role in collecting these pictures and videos for news outlets.

Helicopter Search and Rescue Efforts

A helicopter is one of the greatest search and rescue machines ever invented. It cuts away time and does not endanger others while searching for a missing person. A helicopter can prove vital in a search and rescue mission and save those in danger.

Emergency Transportation and Personnel Transportation

While we already talked about how a helicopter can search for those in danger, a helicopter can also transport those either in current danger whose location is known or people who may be in danger. If a person is injured, a helicopter can provide time-crucial flight services to nearby hospitals.

Also, a helicopter can transport crew members to precise locations. This can come in handy in difficult to reach spots, such as workers repairing a bridge or other structures damaged by a storm. A helicopter can also transport any supplies that are needed and lift anything—a helicopter has little restrictions when it comes to the amount of weight it can lift.

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FairLifts prides itself on being able to help those in their time of need. FairLifts arranges emergency helicopter services in the face of hurricanes and other severe weather in Tampa, FL, and other surrounding locations. We partner with reliable pilots and offer quality helicopter support. Reach out to us with a simple phone call; we are available 24/7.

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