Helicopter Support for Rooftop Construction

Fair Lifts Helicopter Services

Helicopters are versatile aircraft, with the ability to hover, lift, and maneuver in ways that cranes and fixed-wing aircraft cannot. They were perfectly designed to change the construction industry, specifically with rooftop construction.  

The most common projects that helicopters are ideal for are the removal or installation of HVAC units. These heavy, large pieces of hardware are typically in hard to reach places that can be dangerous or expensive to operate cranes around. Helicopters are also perfect for jobs with critical time restrictions.

However, you don’t want to just hire any helicopter company to handle your precious cargo. You want to make sure that you have experienced pilots that are trained in precise long-line work. This is required in order to position HVAC units quickly and easily.


Helicopters can get the job done in an hour or two tops, and they don’t include the destruction of pavement or landscaping that is involved with cranes. Anyone in the construction industry can tell you about the difficulty of obtaining job permits, but with FairLifts, we handle all of the red tape in order to get you ahead of the game. Our intelligent staff is well equipped and trained to handle logistics that are necessary for a smooth operational timeline.

With the right conditions, FairLifts has the ability to install nearly 20 rooftop HVAC units in less than an hour for just one project. Our comprehensive network of construction helicopters and operators allows us to strategically plan every aspect of your project to suit your needs. We provide nothing short of extraordinary results with every job that we take on.

Other Possibilities

HVAC units are not the only thing that helicopters can be used for either! Telecommunication companies are also beginning to discover the convenience that can be provided by helicopter lifts. The oil industry utilized helicopters for pipeline construction and surveying. Overall, helicopters get more done in less time. This ultimately translates to money saved, expectations exceeded, and obstacles avoided for new and ongoing construction projects all over!

Getting Started Made Easy

From the first call, you will know that with FairLifts, you are in the hands of hard-working, experienced professionals. Our experts are standing by, ready to get your free quote together. All you have to do is call with the details of the job. We handle all of the flight plans and logistics to get your job done within budget and on time!

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